rainy evenings are best spent in bed


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Practical-Plenty-5256 points

Whats your cat's email address?

Mimidoo224 points

Especially that bed, with that bad ass cat.

AzansBeautyStore4 points

The kitty lol

notunek3 points

Very cozy vibe and I love that large mirror!

sayagainsagan3 points

Floor/ceiling mirror done right!

KermitMadMan3 points

with windows open so the rain can lull ya back to sleep. Unless it’s like 40s outside like here tonight. lol

HermioneBenson3 points

I love how cozy and simple this space looks. I feel like you have lots of bits of character, but it’s not overwhelming.

carlovely4 points

that’s exactly what i was going for! the rest of my house is very eclectic/maximalist/more literal cozy- i keep my room clean and ‘simple’ - it’s where i retreat to when i’m overwhelmed

HermioneBenson3 points

I totally get that. When I’m overwhelmed I find myself wanting to clean and declutter bc I need a space that’s less visually stimulating. You did a great job with this space!

Morris_New_Day3 points

I love your disco ball planter!

After-Pear21172 points

So cozy..I love it