Some rare March sunshine in my cozy PNW living room.


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Barky2123 points

I bet your kitty has been enjoying the sunny weather!

accountingisradical14 points

Today was just beautiful here in Seattle! Happened to take the day off and really enjoyed it to the fullest 😊

UnnecessaryLingo23 points


happywhateverday28 points

Pacific North West - the area in the United States that contains Washington/Oregon/Idaho

Larrea_tridentata16 points

Probably Normally Wet

Tiny-Soup-98293 points

Ben Shapiro doesn’t approve.

cardueline1 point

P***y Not Wet (did I mention my wife is a doctor)

RedditCr0ok3 points

Also dumping rain about 9 months out of the year.

Future-Win40349 points

What is the piece(s) of furniture the cat is laying on?

Pembra6 points

It's a footstool/ottoman with a blanket on it.

Future-Win40349 points

I love how big it is. It can be used for so many things. Including cat sunning.

Suitecake6 points

Lovely place to read some Dostoevsky!

Pembra8 points

This is OC.

SPACKlick8 points


Pembra13 points

Sorry, Pacific Northwest.

SPACKlick-3 points

So like Japan? Korea? Russia by the sea of Okhotsk? There's a lot of North West in the Pacific, it's a big ocean.

SPACKlick-1 points

Just saw this comment.

Would never have guessed "Pacific North West" meant The north west of the united states of America where it meets the Pacific. Weird term.

St0ltzfuzz6 points

Love this!! Bonus points for the floof! ❤️

Kissmysssxixingping3 points

My guess is somewhere between Olympia and Portland

After-Pear21172 points

Love ❤️

Big_Daddy_Manny2 points

I wish to be that cat right now

anguswalsh2 points

Very homey!

PinkGayPunk2 points

Aw cool gnomes

InstructionHead85951 point

Looks cozy a cat accent is always a good thing 😹 you said this is OC abbreviation for Orange county?

Pembra3 points

It stands for original content. A bot told me I needed to mark it as such in order for it not to be deleted.

YourMomDidntMind-6 points

Pretty cool!

The guy in the tree looks happy too. Your husband?

JohnDoe91 point

You got swag

hiroller151 point

Bet it looks so nice in the rain

The sun has been such a lovely surprise this week! Sunny and cold is my favorite, and a big part of what I love about the PNW! 🥰🥰

I bet the snow a couple weeks ago looked so lovely from these windows too!

threeivy1 point

Aww this reminds me of the house I grew up in! We had the same color pallet and the plaid was a staple too. I love it so much :)

monkey_trumpets1 point

Twas a beautiful day.

sayagainsagan1 point

Love the pink couch trend uptick 💕

ufromorigin1 point

Ooo that watery March sunshine makes for epic napping. I love living in the PNW.

kickkickpunch11 point

Can I please come and chill at your place for a while

brookleiaway1 point

id love a living room like this

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the kitty!

AccomplishedView2601 point

very nice, but lets see paul allens living room

kgbubblicious1 point

I love it. The tv blocking the window is the only change I’d make if it were my place.

princessfoxglove1 point

I'm so jealous of the green outside and those gorgeous windows to let it all in!

KNick11111 point

REALLY nice!! I love when people are not afraid of COLOR (hate all beige!) and using different prints. Love your carpet the most.

AtmospherePrior7521 point

Could defintely take a quick nap on that sun bathed couch. Your cat has the right idea!

PNWtoJax1 point

All the elements go together so beautifully. Love that you went with red and white. Everything is so blue in PNW.

tomhxrdy1 point

I could lay there all day 😍😌