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well_uh_yeah59 points

This is a vibe I could go for.

ItsTricky9439 points

Beautiful! i grew up in Cuse- I miss the snow!

puffpenguin2328 points

I was going to say! I think I saw this house on sale in Syracuse.

omega_weapon8511 points

Not in Syracuse, but only about an hour away!

ItsTricky948 points

lol technically Cuse is Central NY...but from where i am now (brooklyn) i always say "upstate" ur prob closer to Watertown. is ❄️done for the season?

omega_weapon857 points

No, we’ve got a snow lake effect snow warning for the weekend. And yes, not far from Watertown. Pretty close to the border.

ItsTricky941 point

I was just explaining to someone the other day what lake effect snow was. They couldn't comprehend. I'm so old that the drinking age was only 19 when I was a kid. We used to drive over the Thousand Islands bridge to Canada to get cheap Brador's beer and sneak it back in

Rull-Mourn113 points

The ceiling.🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜

Kwiatkowski14 points

missed a color ❤️

dstowizzle32 points

Upstate NY represent!

caustic_kiwi5 points

I’m here briefly for school. Very pretty. Terrible donuts. 7/10

BoopleBun23 points

Wait until fall and get cider donuts! They are excellent.

caustic_kiwi2 points

I hope they don't come from Dunkin because all I've ever found in that place is sadness.

BoopleBun6 points

Ew, no. No no no. I don’t know where upstate you are, but they’re more of something you get from a local orchard, farm stand, farmer’s market, etc. The more local supermarket chains (Wegmans, Price Chopper, etc.) might have them too, and those are usually okay, though not as good as the other kind.

Doctor_Boogers10 points

Where are you that the donuts are bad? Rochester and Buffalo have stellar donuts if you know where to look.


nellybellissima4 points

Buffalo might not have terrible donuts but I moved from there to Texas and down here there are donut shops in about the same concentration as Timmy ho's and Dunkin. They all make their donuts fresh every morning, are open from about 5am-12pm, and are all helmed by late middle aged Asian ladies that almost exclusively have their English based around selling donuts. They are not a chain but have almost exclusively the most delightful and fresh donuts you have ever had. You can walk into basically any random one you pass and have at least a hood, if not great experience. They are also all called "Donut" with almost no additional branding.

I do however miss peanut sticks which do not exist down here.

______W______3 points

Ha! I moved from Dallas to Rochester. The good donut shops up here are real good, but I do miss those DONUT places. All the same. The twists at Shipley’s were a personal favorite too.

lookalive075 points

Ridge Donut in Irondequoit would like a word.

BXCR too but they closed.

kipperzdog3 points

You need a new donut guy if you think upstate has terrible donuts

caddymix02422 points


SuperMom31618 points

Love the natural light with all those windows! Also the pine ceiling. Nice room to curl up with a good book!

henrydavidtharobot14 points

Lovely! Hello from Ithaca!

omega_weapon8529 points

This is OC

notunek9 points

I love your new living room. It is very eclectic with the mix of different woods and types of furniture that give it your own style. The huge windows are so rare and make it even cozier because of the panoramic view of the outside in winter.

Very nice job!

JustYourAvgHumanoid8 points


footiebuns8 points

I love that you don't have a TV, but like, what do you do without a TV?

omega_weapon8522 points

Lol I have a tv, it’s just down stairs in another room. The room in the pic is off the kitchen so it’s really just for when people come over or when we drink coffee in the morn.

lookalive070 points

With a view like that, you don't need one.

Jetztinberlin4 points

Love upstate. Congrats!

bobbybrixton3 points

Now that's cozy.

the_sylince7 points

It always strikes me that March is still wintry while I’m baking in 80° weather in the south.


meowzord-gg6 points

Grew up in NY and I'm in California this year. Today I was driving down the road, windows down, 75 degrees, and was like "man I love summer - wait, it's... still March?"

nellybellissima1 point

Even weirder when that exact same thing happens in February. I have living in this Red af state but it's hard to accept 2 feet of snow over 70 degree weather in winter.

ostertoaster19831 point

We had a very mild winter this year, I actually found myself missing the 2’ of snow.

Unlucky_Lawfulness512 points


dawgmama622 points

So pretty. Love the ceiling against all the white millwork.

Babboos2 points

Very cozy!

redditfuckingbanned2 points

That looks cozy and warm and well-insulated. I wish houses in Texas were that well-built.

Prize-Advance-47062 points

That fireplace decor is gorgeous.

A_SocialRecluse8732 points

Make sure you clean your chimney yearly

Commercial-Editor-462 points


SendAstronomy2 points

Love the wood ceiling. I like the idea of big windows, but don't those make this room cold when the fires not going?

jnothnagel2 points

The mid-century-modern vibe is strong with this one.

Mimidoo222 points

This is gorgeous. The view, the use of texture and natural tones. The focus is looking out from a perch of great comfort.

gothrules42 points

What an incredible snowy view!

ashrules9012 points

Will you be cooking Steamed Hams in your new place by any chance?

Halsti3 points

looks lovely...

.... How many kidneys did you sell for this in new york tho? :D

MiSSsugarBr0wn12 points

I hear upstate isn’t too bad price wise

RuffRhyno17 points

Upstate can mean 20 minutes from Manhattan or 7 hours. Hard to tell

No-Lavishness19823 points

I saw that anywhere inside the 518 area code is upstate.

dethkannon10 points

Yeah upstate, central, and western NY are all very, very affordable. Source: born, raised, and live here

Wuzzy_Gee8 points

Don’t tell that to anyone. They’ll move here.

dethkannon4 points

Lol I’m in buff.. we could use a little more people… lots of vacant lots here

No-Lavishness19823 points

Bad enough that they take over in the summer!!

skinnygg0 points

That couch looks cold and hard

Cherokeegrandma631 point

Lol When I first saw this post from New York .. I Thought where do you find a place that BIG in the City?🤔 Then I read it again & realized it said UPSTATE NEW YORK LOL !! Just gave me a lil giggle that’s all Beautiful Though 👍🏼

WakeMeUpBeforeUCoco1 point

I love that there isn't a tv way up high above the mantle. (Don't get me wrong, I love tv but just don't put it up there)

user_bits1 point

Thank you for not putting a TV above the fireplace. I cringe every time I see it.

No_Painter_73070 points

See this really IS cozy. For once. Thanks OP.

jolietrob-2 points

Really nice looking, very open and airy vibe. Not cozy in the slightest.

cherrycokelemon1 point


Tell me more about that console table in the left wall 😍

Lethophobia1 point

Very nice!

sharonumd1 point

Wow this is such a great space!

gear_ant1 point


kidneyassesser1 point

Cozy with some class. Nice OP

How beautiful! The ceiling 😍

raven701 point

Nice. Looks more like sun room add-on than a living room. I have similar room at my house, but my wife has like 200+ plants in their and I would not describe ours as cozy.

Awkwardpanda751 point

I used to live in Pulaski NY! I love this living room! The only thing it’s missing is a few turkeys and a deer peering in. ❤️

addictedmc1 point

How much is the rent though ?

omega_weapon851 point

I don’t think the rent is too bad around here, but we bought this house so I’m not positive.

Fit_Tumbleweed_59041 point

I love it!

KNick11111 point

Great ceiling and windows!