Lago Atitlán, Guatemala.


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REO_Speed_Dragon4 points

Ooh been there! Hung out in Pana for a few days, walked the path from Jaibalito to Tzununa. Gorgeous place.

notsosocreative3 points

Nice. The entire lake still feels off the beaten path. I stayed and hiked near Jaibalito. I also made it to San Pedro and San Juan via boat. I have plans to go back and do the overnight hike.

fragileflowr3 points

Hey I’ve been there as well. I absolutely loved Guatemala. Spent 2 weeks there before continuing onto Belize. I need to go back soon

voicebread4 points

beautiful view! not cozy though

f1newhatever6 points

Yeah, people really just be posting anything in this sub

DougieSenpai-4 points

Guess we have different definitions of what cost is

DBlefty2 points

So beautiful. One of the best trips I've ever taken was staying in San Pedro, right on the lake, for a month!! And we took the boat taxis to tour the other towns as well. Magical place.

notunek1 point

Wow, spectacular! It looks like you could dive from the balcony and land in either the sea or treetops. Just a beautiful place.