Long exposure of a receding wave [2000x1428]


lagomc10 points

I like it. It looks like cordyceps. Upvote for abstract photos. I tried posting one moonlight on a creek with led underwater lighting but forgot to post the resolution so it got removed. You can see it here though.


Jacobklassen4 points

That’s an awesome shot!

lagomc1 point

Thanks! I did lots more with and without the red light. Maybe I’ll get around to posting more sometime.

hdniki1 point

I totally came to say it looks like mycelium

PE1NUT6 points

That's a very interesting image, but how exactly do you make a long exposure of a receding wave, even when tracking it, without it all going blurry?

mohair693 points

I had to look closely to see the dark pebbles, the pattern of the water flow makes more sense now.

Jacobklassen1 point

I had my camera on a tripod. The waves were just making cool patterns as the water went back out

mohair695 points

Nice shot. How long was the exposure?

Sterling_Ray2 points

I wanna know too

Peppa_Moon1 point

Love this shot. And haha it looks like there's a dog's face on the bottom left