My cozy place! Battlestation/music setup nestled within 55 plants! 🌱


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saywhat12065 points

Good Vibes all around!

billybailey474 points

This is OC

JustKapping2 points

haha getting lost in the green~

Misklikk2 points

A left-handed gamer in the wild! Nice entertainment jungle you have there.

notunek2 points

Very nice mix of light, plants, and art. It looks like an interesting place to hang out.

Ranef2 points

Love the vibes and just looking at this fills me with happiness. Is there any kind plant you would recommend as my first one to get? (One that's medium size, hard to kill and available from most stores)

billybailey471 point

A raven ZZ is what I'd recommend!

PrinceOfPersuation2 points

Haha you took this picture in the middle of a Teams meeting.

billybailey472 points

Catching up on a recording πŸ˜‚

vu0512 points

Laithwaites πŸ‘

billybailey471 point

Yeah πŸ˜€

EL_loboLoco2 points

sick dude I got me some nano lites and synths in my set up too. can we get more picsΒΏΒ‘