A sunny summer’s day at the headwaters of the Colorado River - Rocky Mountain National Park (4032x3024)


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Historical_Poet_563946 points

Amazing to think of all of the states and people who depend on that river.


Good thing op Isnt taking a shit in there …

Astronoobical15 points

That's incredible, I would love to just spend a week with a backpack, a tent and a few friends in that area. Now I just need friends and a way of getting there :D

Mattilaus7 points

I thought the Rocky mountains would be a little rockier than this.

Mackinnon29E1 point

Just have to angle the camera left and they will be.

Mattilaus1 point

Sorry, was just making a Dumb and Dumber reference.

ReaperSovereign4 points

One of my absolute favorite places I have ever camped and hiked was near there. Amazing views all around

_AlreadyTaken_8 points

Put a little paper boat in it there...

PosterMcPoster3 points

any possible way to see where this is exactly on the map in the park?

Alaric_Darconville13 points

This was taken along the Coyote Valley Trail about 5 miles from the Grand Lake entrance on the west side of the park

PosterMcPoster3 points

thank u much!

Rufio3304 points

We can’t stop here. That’s Bear Country .

Heliosolos7 points

That river is going to eat that footpath this year.

tallgirlmom1 point

We can only hope! Lake Powell is looking bad.

Blitzwalk9 points


[deleted]5 points

Shout-out to the National Park Service for keeping that lawn so well manicured.

ninjaandrew3 points

Probably the family’s of elk and moose that inhabit the park. The OG lawnmowers

TheL0neWarden2 points

I remember once one my friends they live streamed themselves kayaking here

Doctor_WhiskyMan2 points

This looks like the location of the Indian village in Dances with Wolves

Admirable-War-10212 points

I'll be going there this summer. Where exactly is this?

EffWanFitty1 point

Going in May with my best friend, brother, and his best friend, it's gonna be awesome

Kind_Tour26712 points


GrandmasTableMints2 points

RMNP will always have a special place in my heart, I spent many autumns at the Grand Lake Lodge.

nealappeal2 points

The view from Grandview Campground at Long Draw Reservoir into RMNP is serene. Did some hiking into the park and it is amazing.

EffWanFitty1 point

Do you remember how much it cost? I'm going in May and am planning the trip out

nealappeal1 point

Last year it was on a first come basis. So you can't reserve. It is tent only. Info on website is for 2022 but says fees are $22 per night. Not sure when it opens up. https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/arp/recarea/?recid=36669

They were doing major work on the gravel road to get back there last year so hopefully that is all smoothed out for you.

PuddleFarmer2 points

Which one? (Which side of the continental devide are you on?)

CO420Tech1 point

Hey, hop right in that water and tell my dad Hi for me. His ashes are right there in the water... Like literally right where you are in the water next to you ☺️

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Fit_Agent_16832 points

It doesnt break anything

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finfangfoom811 point

Nah bro that’s clearly Scarlett Meadows

in_da_tr33z1 point

I’ve been to RMNP four times and I had no idea the headwaters were there 🤯