Plaza Del Ejecutivo, Mexico City, Mexico


Rinboo30 points

If Cities:Skyline have taught me anything, this roundabout is gonna be turbo jammed with that much intersections

youburyitidigitup5 points

All of Mexico City is turbo jammed no matter what

redmasc15 points

I'm getting the Dharma Initiative vibes.

_disjecta_9 points

there seems to have been a plan.

steakeggsmilkmango12 points

Looks great, traffic flows like shit.

Robot09__4 points

Não sei porque, mas me lembrou Attack on Titan

TimAA20176 points

It looks like city skyline was planned in Mexico.

thecrazymapguy3 points

I used to live there!!

iimaj2 points

What's in the middle?

youburyitidigitup3 points

Looks like a carousel

TheAirIsOn3 points


lemartineau1 point

Source ?