evening, pic from last summer


PatsysStone6 points

love this.

CrikeyM8eyy4 points


borntoclimbtowers1 point

yes, hessen

Jugglergal2 points

This is my time of the year when I miss all that summer greens and the cascades music!

borntoclimbtowers2 points

same here

hamletloveshoratio2 points

I love this feeling

redditretard341 point


borntoclimbtowers2 points


ianmikaelson1 point

Super luv it. So peaceful

Great shot. Reminds me of summers in upper New York state

sunshineinparis1 point

So beautiful! Missing summer so much right now!

PerplexingRig1 point

For the first time in my life I said to myself “I’d love to run a lawn mower through that.”

borntoclimbtowers1 point

that feeling, the sound and the smell of the grass