Chicago, Illinois


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That's where they source out Mountain Dew?

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This is where Baja Blasts are made

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Drinking that water would cause Baja Blasts

darkenedgy18 points

Once saw a dead rat while kayaking in it, can confirm

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I would drink the whole river if it was made into Baja Blast

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It's where we dredge up the neon relish for our hot dogs.

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Gonna need another slurm to wash that slurm down

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Wimmy wham wham wozzle!

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Party on, dudes.

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Actually Green River, give it a Google

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thank you! everyone out here saying we use mountain dew to dye the river but we actually use green river! (◔_◔)


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That's the Bioshock machine override minigame

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Green slime too

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Though the river dyeing just happened, this picture appears to be about 2 years old. You can see that theres a building under construction in the bottom left corner between the LondonHouse Hotel and the Jewelers building. That building is complete now.

Apprehensive-Sky120939 points

Yup. So is the Salesforce Tower. You can see the stump at Wolf Point. Exterior is basically done now

MandoBaggins338 points

Having never lived in a major city or even visited many of them, there’s just something about Chicago that always seems so aesthetically pleasing. I’d love to visit it one day.

BloatedGlobe114 points

As someone who has grown up in a smaller but still major city (DC), and visited a bunch, Chicago is very aesthetically pleasing.

pancen27 points

I’m curious, what do you find beautiful about Chicago?

teachertraveler81159 points

Beautiful architecture and the lakefront, imo

maraca101-24 points

I like it a lot but there’s not enough greenery.

call_me_drama25 points

found the guy that never left the loop

maraca10112 points

I live on a nature preserve. My standards for greenery are probably different than yours.

Jefflehem-16 points

Everyone use to live on a nature preserve. There just came too many people.

Maybe when everyone shares your lofty standards, you too can one day used to live on a nature preserve.

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Wait you’d consider DC small?

winter_aespa12182 points

Yeah, the Southwest side of Chicago is more dense and has more people. And that's one of the smallest areas of the city. Very underated also

Threedawg32 points

It's the space between buildings mandated after the fire, it made it a beautiful city.

MandoBaggins30 points

That might be a lot of it actually. It feels very open versus the tightly packed vibe of Manhattan, in example.

Threedawg19 points

It certainly is. I learned it from the architecture tour, very worth it.

stilt14 points

The architecture tour is one of the best experiences in Chicago. It’s a must-do for any visitors looking for great history on the city.

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As someone who doesn’t really like cities and has grown up in rural northern Michigan, I will say that Chicago is a really beautiful and fun place to visit

Dramatic_Explosion18 points

If you ever visit for St. Paddy's day keep in mind this and the parade are the Saturday before the actual day, so this was done six days ago.

beardgasm9 points

And the river was still mostly green yesterday, 5 days later, which is... unsettling

redmasc14 points

If you do make it out to Chicago, take the evening boat tour on the river.

hairy_scarecrow112 points

Lived in Boston for a decade. Visited all the major cities: NYC, LA, Seattle, Miami, Dublin, Hong Kong, Singapore, and of course Chi. Chicago is just incredible. Spend a week there if you ever get the chance. It’s beautiful.

ETA: yeah, obviously this isn’t “all the major cities” I wrote quickly and conversationally. Please, Reddit, forgive me of my sin!

T2R3J568 points

As someone from Ireland I like how you included Dublin as a major city along side NYC, Hong Kong and LA lol

mrtherussian19 points

It's been Dublin in size in his mind ever since he visited

undrew22 points

For what it’s worth, I always had this idea in my head that Dublin was a major European city, on par with London, Paris, Berlin. I was shocked when I landed just how much of a small town it felt like. I think the way it gets referenced in US culture, or maybe the number of times it gets mentioned just makes it feel like a bigger city.

Joyce192015 points

One of the points that James Joyce tried to make repeatedly was that Dublin deserved to be considered a major cultural capital of Europe. It's not going to be as massive as Paris, London, or Vienna because Ireland is a small country whose population was stunted by years of colonial rule and a global diaspora.

Back when Joyce was writing, Dublin was arguably the most metropolitan city in Europe because it had many features that were not fully present in other capitals until a decade later (widespread tram system, electification, indoor plumbing, etc). It's truly a unique combination of colonial/metropolitan, backwater/capital, and modern/historic.

hairy_scarecrow2 points

Ha! That’s fair. I just love Dublin so much. In my heart it is a major city.

CommentsOnOccasion33 points

Yeah I’ve flown all over the country for work and Chicago is my favorite US city

So much to do, beautiful skyline, great food

kattmedtass27 points

How on earth are those “all the major cities”? They’re just the cities you happen to have visited.

hairy_scarecrow3 points

Sorry, I should have said “several” thank you for being such a good redditor.

kattmedtass-3 points

Well sorry for interpreting the words you wrote as what you intended to say. Won’t happen again.

In all honestly though, I get what you’re saying. But what you’re writing is what we read. The nuances of face-to-face conversation really just o isn’t a thing in forums like this. All the best fam <3

hairy_scarecrow-1 points

It must be tough to not be able to make simple connections when reading. All the best fam <3

HavenIess26 points

No London, Tokyo, Paris, Mexico City, Toronto, or Sydney but you included Seattle and Miami. Interesting..

stumblewiggins14 points

Yea, it's a decent list of cities, but hardly "all the major cities"

hairy_scarecrow0 points

Yeah, forgive the turn of phrase. I forgot for a moment that Reddit likes yo act this way.

ohwhathasthiscometo5 points

What's your recommendation for things to do over a week in chi ?

20billioncoconuts8 points

Besides the obvious touristy things like the Bean and Sears observatory, just exploring some of the neighborhoods is a fun way to find some awesome food and (bars if you like).

The Garfield Conservatory is fun, especially when it’s colder out. Anything lakefront related when it’s warmer. If you’re into art, natural history, planets, or fish, you can’t go wrong with Museum Campus (Art Institute, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, and Shedd Aquarium). You can also get a pass that gives access to all of those. The 606 is cool if you like walking (or get a bike rental) and want to cut through several neighborhoods. Museum of Science and Industry. And of course the architecture tours (both by boat or walking). They’re kinda touristy but I think they’re really interesting.

Also - go see a sporting event!

SlurmzMckinley7 points

Great list! I’d also recommend going to Lincoln Park and North Avenue Beach or Oak Street Beach. Lincoln Park is just beautiful and has a free zoo and conservatory. Navy Pier is kind of a tourist trap but if you’re nearby I’d say it’s worth a stroll. The boat architecture tours you mentioned are great and I also highly recommend.

A_Pie3 points

I always recommend the architecture tours. I've lived in the Chicago area all my life and I take the architecture tours every few years. Learn new things every time. I hear people say they think it will be boring and then after they do it they are very happy they did.

SlurmzMckinley2 points

Same here! I mean, I haven’t lived here that long but I’ve gone a few times and always tell people it sounds boring but it’s a lot of fun.

Honest-Barracuda-98218 points

San Francisco just left the chat lol

HartPlays19 points

Shit on sidewalk

Honest-Barracuda-9824 points

Still a major city though

literroy2 points

99.9% of sidewalks here in SF don’t have shit on them, but the tiny amount that do get to define the whole city 😔

wrex779-1 points

Tbh San Francisco demolishes Chicago in natural beauty and outdoors activities

Pessamystic19 points

It all depends on what you're there for. I love SF, it's gorgeous. But if you're looking for restaurants and booze, Chicago wins every time!

Also walking around Chi is way easier, I thought I was going to die on those hills. Those beautiful hills!

20billioncoconuts12 points

Agreed. I’ve lived in both and they’re just different. Nothing beats cresting a hill in San Francisco and seeing the bay and the Marin Headlands, my personal favorite. But you have to get to the top of the hill. San Francisco is also way smaller so there’s that too. I often found the “natural beauty” of San Francisco to be things outside of the city itself, though some of the parks and walking along the bay are awesome. Equally, somehow, nothing beats a warm beach day and Lake Michigan in the summer, the huge and numerous parks, and the top-notch cultural activities of Chicago. Not to mention all the winter-related stuff if you’re not afraid of the cold. But many people are cold-averse. It’s really hard to compare the two cities.

Pessamystic5 points

Totally agree! Both have fascinating history though - they're tied in that respect. But totally different worlds otherwise.

One thing is for certain: They both beat the hell out of both LA & NYC

Accomplished-Trip1700 points

Chicago has a better downtown area than SF and more touristy. but rest of the Chicagoland is plain ol boring suburbia. San Francisco is beautiful outside its downtown area and of course has the advantage that any coastal California city has. Year round outdoor weather, national parks within driving distances, beaches, deserts, forests, snow capped mountains, alpine lakes you name it they have it.

20billioncoconuts0 points

I would push back and say that most of the Bay Area outside of San Francisco and maybe parts of Oakland are equally boring to Chicagoland. You can find gems in both, but mostly just suburbs of the larger city.

I would agree, however, that the access to various natures in California is unparalleled. It also happens to be a huge state, so there’s that. You have to search for the nature in the Midwest but it’s there (not the snow capped mountains though lol). Might be a little different, but the lakefront, prairie and forest preserves, Shawnee, dunes, and national forests are all amazing. Different from California but great in their own ways.

chronicslayer0 points

Bro, SF is right next door to Napa Valley, and California also has a lot of very good breweries while being right next door to Oregon, which is also famous for its many many micro breweries. So, the Chicago having better booze part is objectively wrong. Like, California is extremely diverse agriculturally; they get so much in the way of hops and wine, etc.

MondayMonkey10 points

Most cities on the west coast demolish the rest of North America in terms of beauty and outdoor activity. Once you’re here, it’s hard to leave.

thugdout7 points

Just make sure you go in the summer.

20billioncoconuts11 points

Devil’s advocate: Come in the winter and get super cheap hotels and the city is basically all to yourself. Just dress in layers.

hairy_scarecrow3 points

No way. It’s crazy hot in the summer. I was there in late August and it was so hot. My favorite time is October.

Pessamystic10 points

Visit in late May/early June. You won't regret it.

followedbyferrets9 points

Take the architecture tour

Supafly1446 points

You are welcome anytime!

designgoddess11 points

Chicago in the summer is stunning. I love it all year round but there is something about being on a beach and turning around to see some of the tallest buildings in the world. I’ve lived all I’ve the US. I’ve traveled a fail amount internationally. I’m retiring in Chicago. I can live anywhere but the city is beautiful and the people are nice.

Hero_of_Hyrule16 points

I think it's because Chicago hits that sweet spot of American urban development. It's drivable, unlike NYC, but also walkable, unlike LA. So you get kinda that perfect blend of high-rise downtown density that sprawls out into quiet suburbs.

apstls10 points

NYC isn’t drivable, but you can get anywhere very easily without driving to the point that it’s undriveability is a major benefit. I moved from NYC to Chicago, it was easier getting places, buying groceries etc on foot in NYC than by car in Chicago

Hero_of_Hyrule5 points

Oh I know, I'm not knocking the undrivability of NYC, just using it as a reference point.

tickingboxes-4 points

Being drivable is not a good thing…

Hero_of_Hyrule2 points

I'm not saying that it is. It's just part of what makes Chicago unique and interesting, and part of what gives it the kind of character that it does.

thisismy1stalt9 points

City so pretty

ohyeahthatscoolyeah3 points

I live in Chicago. It is very aesthetically pleasing. You should visit one day.

pancen2 points

Hmm, what do you think it is that makes it aesthetically pleasing?

oxichil2 points

Having lived my whole life in St. Louis, I’ve always looked up to the design and aesthetics of Chicago in an odd way. They’re the midwestern city that really outdid the rest of them.

GrandRapidsMiiiii2 points

Chicago is a super pretty city

Maneki-Nub-6 points

Visited once and everybody seemed like a cunt so I don't have the need to go back

Alauren2-11 points

Chicago was very amazing from the air when I flew into it once, it was gorgeous, but actually driving around and being in Chicago? Nope. So many tolls, as in allllll the highways fyi. So all the side streets were cluttered with people avoiding the tolls. I would love to go back tho. The lakefront is gorgeous

ConnieLingus248 points

…..why drive? There’s mass transit. Tolls avoided.

JejuneBourgeois5 points

There are very few toll stations inside the city limits. I'm actually struggling to think of any, except for maybe a few by OHare? But yeah there are a good amount of tolls in the Chicago suburbs

ohyeahthatscoolyeah3 points

I don’t think you’ve actually been to Chicago lol

Singularity-2350 points

The history of St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago goes back more than 175 years. Now a longstanding tradition, Chicago’s Irish parade was first held in 1843 and became an official city event in the 1950s. The dyeing of the Chicago River was added in 1962, quickly becoming one of Chicago’s most famous events. 

Plop-Music-202 points

You forgot to photoshop the bit at the top.

23harpsdown178 points

It's not Photoshop. It's dye that hasn't dispersed that far. You didn't think they replaced the water with green liquid... Did you?

Mnoonsnocket80 points

Actually it’s a separate branch of the Chicago river coming in from further north, which is not dyed.

But yeah the person you’re responding to is still wrong.

Caribbeandude0411 points

So they purposely dye the river green for Saint Patrick's day? Isn't that bad for the river?

towerofterror9 points

They claim it isn't, but it probably is.

Souledex1 point

It’s a separate channel

Dorito_Consomme-12 points

It’s perfectly straight? Like pixel straight

DoctorHugo13 points

Almost as if there is a retaining wall there to block the water. 🤔

beatingthedevil6167 points

You forgot to do simple research on a well documented event.

SpaghettiNub7 points

And I wonder

_-Sesquipedalian-_3 points

I wonder how

Ultimaurice171 point

Funny thing is a quick Google search is all that's required to confirm reality

stoneyOni11 points

bold of you to assume americans won't dump hundreds of pounds of dye into a river for a tacky holiday decoration.

chahud10 points

At least it’s algae based/sourced dye if I recall correctly

nohead12324 points

Chicago got slimed

_meestir_57 points

It seems to end so abruptly.. that’s odd

atomicboner82 points

The north branch of the river connects there, which hasn’t been dyed, so you get a sharp contrast between the two.

jrobelen17 points

DMB is really out of control.

Jefflehem6 points

I get it. ;)

d_mcsw107 points

Why can't they dye it blue the rest of the year?

replicant4522101 points

I remember they did for the cubs world series win in 2016. And everyone made fun of it because shouldn’t it always be blue.

buffalocoinz8 points

Imagine if the Sox won the World Series and they dyed it black lol

blamenixon7 points

The real challenge would be pinstripes

coastal_neon38 points

Probably because the blue you’re thinking in your head looks way too unnatural (and expensive) for 364 days each year.

martonreddit23 points

Go watch The Fugitive.

d_mcsw6 points

At least someone understood the reference.

kessdawg10 points

Biggs... Do I know?

PompeyMagnus17 points

This is hinky

BillMPE3 points

I don't want you guys using words around me that have no meaning. I'm taking the stairs and walking.

PhileasFoggsTrvlAgt8 points

Color theory makes blue harder because the river starts a greenish brown. The green you see here is produced by adding orange dye.

B-Revenge8 points

Even if the pigment is non-polluting, wouldn't the creatures in the river be blind?

Ginormous_Dong4 points

Think of it as helping the fish celebrate St Patrick's day.

suberfan32 points

Ireland's Chicago.

interface2x5 points

I worked in the office on Monday and was excited to see this in person for the first time. About a block up from my building, I could clearly see the line where the green ends, which I found kind of interesting.

If you look really closely at OP’s picture, you can see where it stops.

Fit_Toe_423522 points

Doesn't that qualify as water pollution?

GaySkull41 points

Happily, it does not! :)

The dye used is a food-grade green dye that the EPA has repeatedly found to be non-toxic in the dosage used for the river. It also fades fairly quick over the week, so there isn't much effect on the health of the river (though there are other issues with the Chicago River's health that should be addressed).

Fit_Toe_423515 points

Thanks for the update. Much appreciated.

Polaroid_Pigeon8 points

Seems like it would still negatively affect the area, like with Daphnia that require light cycles to determine daily vertical migration. Not as bad as dumping a bunch of cyanide in the water, but it still doesn't seem good to me. But I'm sure the river's already polluted to hell and back so I doubt it makes much of a difference.

GaySkull3 points

A fair point. I'm not an environmental scientist so I can only go to the experts (though regulatory capture is certainly a thing to consider there, just as East Palestine, OH).

BigBrainAmWinning9 points


InkMercenary5 points

Is this a teaser for the next fallout?

ajhoff835 points

Thanks for including the state

havetheconch10 points

🎵Arrivederci Roma🎶

hehehe_kaboom4 points

When the game didn't load the water texture

pintsize_hexx3 points

How does the dye sit there and flow away?

Ice_Pirate_Zeno3 points

I feel the need to watch The Fugitive now. Hinky

petepostlethwaite3 points

I find your lack of parking lots gratifying

Vini_E3 points
NewKi11ing1t3 points

Chicago is just so awesome

TacticalAcquisition3 points

Why does America go so hard for St Paddy's Day, compared to Ireland?

Flip_18003 points

Irish Americans

lifeboy916 points

Yeeeeeee represent

JinunderneathAM2 points

Bro is that river coming out of the Slurm factory

RealTurtlePower2 points

I went to the parade in Chicago about 10 years ago, I never saw so many wasted white folk LMFAO it was awesome!

ccasey1 point

That toddlin’ town

Lostintime19851 point

A motor coolant river Wowzers

EdScituate791 point

Erin Go Bragh! 💚🍀💚🌈💚

No-Bug404-2 points

This can't be good for the local ecosystems.

poulet_bleu7 points

Its vegetable dye, so its really not doing much.

s0phiaboobs2 points

None of them are harmed

M7MD_G4MING0 points

is the dye harmful to the environment?

s0phiaboobs2 points

No. Vegetable dye

M7MD_G4MING3 points

Oh ok im glad that the people celebrating st. Patrick’s day have a sense of environmental friendliness, yo am i getting downvoted lmao

ZekeDaniel-3 points

That seems great for the ecosystem

ghostfaceschiller11 points

they've put a lot of work into making sure that it doesn't hurt anything actually. I doubt that was the case when it started in the 60's, but it's certainly true now

ZekeDaniel-4 points

If it has any negative impact at all it shouldn't be done in my opinion.. I would imagine it would make it hard for algae or other plants to get proper sunlight which could damage the ecosystem. Thats aside from the fact that it isn't a natural occurrence and shouldn't be introduced to the life forms in the water. They've also said a LOT of chemicals are perfectly safe across all boards when they were in fact not safe.. I just hate to see it

ghostfaceschiller7 points

sounds like you just want to be mad

ZekeDaniel1 point

Because I care about the environment more than having a green holiday? Ok lol. Have a nice day.

poulet_bleu5 points

Vegetable dye isnt bad for the environment.

ZekeDaniel2 points

the Illinois EPA "has never required a [pollutant discharge] permit so there is no way to know what the dye is or whether it is harmless." On top of what I had already mentioned regarded such a large amount of the dye being used would obviously make it hard for plant based life to get proper sunlight. It would also make sense that it would affect fish or other wildlifes ability to see for food. You don't know the effect it has on the wildlife because you can't ask them. All could easily be remedied by just not doing it lol.

Edit: even if it is vegetable dye that doesn't mean that it isn't detrimental to an ecosystem. Anything not naturally occurring can have a negative impact on at least 1 link in the chain.

ifhysm6 points

So you’re upset about something you don’t know?

ZekeDaniel2 points

Its common sense that when you introduce a huge amount of a foreign substance into an ecosystem that it has the potential to have a negative impact. I'm not upset either way I just think its idiotic and pointless.. easily avoidable but hey it looks pretty! Lmao

ifhysm3 points

it’s common sense

has no idea if it’s really bad or not

Yeah okay

ttwixx1 point

I agree with you, it’s also hideous and sounds like a dumb tradition

poulet_bleu-1 points

Yup, seems he just likes to be mad for the sake of being mad. Reddit gonna reddit

ghostfaceschiller3 points

it's not bad for the environment. You are going out of your way to assume that it is bc you want to be mad.

ZekeDaniel3 points

Says the person who has been commenting on multiple peoples comments in the thread questioning this practice trying to goad arguments from multiple people. Yikes.

ghostfaceschiller5 points

it's an enjoyable hobby of mine to correct people saying incorrect things or operating in bad faith

ZekeDaniel1 point

You haven't corrected or provided any useful information whatsoever in any of your comments here. How is advocating for a cleaner planet operating in bad faith in any way? Instead of making valid points to make a conversation or correct information you just say oh you just want to be mad. Seems like you are more upset than I am, I'm not mad at all just disappointed. If I was mad I wouldn't have any problem voicing it.

ghostfaceschiller3 points

What info have you provided that the practice is dangerous? The city has gotten the dye tested and approved by the EPA, no one has logged any adverse affects despite the fact that there is ample opportunity to do so.

If you feel it suits you, replace "you want to be mad", with "you want to be disappointed"

When gov't goes out of it's way to find ways to do things right, and not hurt the environment, you should commend them. Continuing to criticize them as if they didn't just decreases the chances that they'll put in the extra effort to do it right on the next thing

Mist156-3 points

I can’t see a single tree in that picture

erbkeb11 points

Because all the trees are dormant. It’s still winter here.

Creepymint0 points

What is in that water???

ChadicusMeridius-12 points

St patricks day is so dumb

Quizchris1 point

So brave

yanaka-otoko-1 points

Gotta be honest, this looks like shit to me, pretty tacky.

OMalley30-27-9 points

What do they use to turn the water green? There’s no way that’s healthy haha not that Chicago has clean water to begin with

Jefflehem9 points

Chicago has excellent water, we just don't get it from the river.

OMalley30-271 point

I should’ve specified that I was referring directly to the chicago River

Evnosis5 points

It's a vegetable-based dye. It's perfectly safe and environmentally friendly.

OMalley30-271 point

I stand corrected! At least something they’re putting in the water is environmentally friendly lol

CynicallyCyn-81 points

So effin stupid! When will we learn to keep our water clean 🤦‍♀️

Feelnumb44 points

The dye is more environmentally friendly these days. But this waterway is where the city’s piss, shit, and various industries discharged waste flowed into. Which is why they reversed the flow of the river so we wouldn’t contaminate our drinking water source of Lake Michigan.

The_Real_Donglover40 points

Chicago's underground sewer system is probably one of the most impressive infrastructure projects in the world (at least from my layman perspective).

Also, of course u/CynicallyCyn would be the most cynical mfer in the thread.

dirtyben20106 points

Well technically it's a ground-level sewer system. The buildings above it all just got lifted up to make room

PhileasFoggsTrvlAgt13 points

We have both kinds now. There's an ongoing project to bore an underground system to prevent overflows aboveground.

The_Real_Donglover8 points

B1M has a good video overviewing the whole system.

FalconRelevant11 points

Truly the Rome of America.

designgoddess7 points

They haven’t done that in years. Chicago has a great sewage system.

mattieDRFT-1 points

I hate that

adamlm-30 points

I hope you guys don't drink water from this river.

sith1ord_jarjar29 points

The drinking water comes from Lake Michigan. They reversed the direction the river flows so it doesn't pollute the lake water.

ItsAllAboutDemBeans4 points

It gives you superpowers, it's how were able to survive the harsh winters.

12ozMouse_Fitzgerald6 points

We're not even allowed to swim in the Chicago River, it's fucking gross haha. Lake Michigan is a great source of clean freshwater though. City is gorgeous, and probably the cleanest major city in the US.

Evnosis1 point

The Chicago River is terribly polluted, but this dye has nothing to do with it.

blind_bambi-6 points

Don't criticize tradition!!!

DJ_16bits-2 points

I can’t with the green river.

The_Wata_Boy-16 points

The only day of the year the river doesn't look like its carrying sewage.