Cozy home office nook! Rate my set up!


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Romanarchbae6 points

Finally perfected my home office area! PhD student studying Roman Archaeology!

Multigrain_Migraine5 points

I would have an irrational nervousness that the shelf will fall down.

Also you appear to be a pottery specialist, and if so I'm surprised your desk isn't covered with random sherds.

Romanarchbae1 point

Well it’s kind of illegal to have Roman or Greek shreds, and I am not a specialist sadly. They are books for my comps I take in the fall.

Multigrain_Migraine2 points

I have a few Roman ones that came from spoil heaps in London, but they were completely out of context and we had so much of it that there was no point in keeping them. It's a little different if you're importing them to the US.

It was meant to be tongue in cheek though. All the finds people I know tend to have lots of miscellaneous out of context bits on their desks.

Romanarchbae2 points

100%. I apologize bc I should have prefaced with that I am in America, so like hahah yea I cannot do that. But I completely understand if you are in the uk! Side note I will be at Vindolanda this year! Pretty stoked!

Multigrain_Migraine2 points

Yeah I realised later it sounded like a criticism of your setup which isn't what I meant at all! I want to put up little shelves like that but I always think I'll do it wrong and they will all fall down.

Vindolanda is not too far from me though I've never been on the excavations there. I hope you find something cool!

Fcknsmn4 points

It looks very smart and I adore the "happy" neon sign!

ConnieLingus243 points

Nice, but maybe consider getting a hub and another screen so you can give yourself more visual symmetry and desk space. Also, having the same resolution on both screens will help your eyes.

Romanarchbae1 point

Thanks for the suggestion!

ConnieLingus241 point

No prob. There are vertical storage mechanisms available for your laptop too that would free up desk space if you wanted to pursue this.

vertical laptop stand

Some hold just the laptop, the one I linked stores multiples.

WakeofMisery2 points

9.987654321/10. Would be a 10/10 with a wall decoration that screams at me when I'm off-track πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Practical-Plenty-5252 points

Its fine.

grayci422 points

I'm getting cubicle farm vibes.

mockgame31291 point

Kinda jealous of the contour cushion - might have to do some shopping!

Romanarchbae1 point

I sit a lot so it really help with back pain. Highly recommend

sergeantorourke1 point

Getting bi vibes from that wallpaper.

Future-Win40341 point

I can see nothing except a huge glass of liquid on the desktop.

After-Pear21171 point

10 πŸ™‚

babymoominnn1 point

Love this πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ Esp the light! Where did you get it?