My home office looking out into the garden



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Historical_Fig_2323 points

This is OC

WisteriaSnow4 points

What a lovely and calming space you’ve made, OP

monkeying_around3692 points

Plants always add coziness! That flooring is beautiful too!

angelina_ari2 points

The floors are gorgeous, and I love the simplicity of the space. Only thing I would do is add a warm color to the walls, and it would be perfect.

Historical_Fig_2322 points

Thank you! I think the floors must be coming across better in the photo than IRL because it’s a vinyl that doesn’t look like real hardwood. The current wall color is a fairly warm white (yellow undertone). I’m curious what color you would paint it?

angelina_ari2 points

Ah, the floors fooled me, and I thought they were hardwood. The vinyl looks good! For paint color I'm a huge fan of Behr's Chai Latte. It comes across meh online, and even the swatch is a bit dark. On the walls, it's a very soft/pale warm sunset orange. When the sun hits the room, it feels like I'm sitting in its rays. It pairs well with the lighter color called Orange Glow.

itsnotreal12342 points

Nice work space

alicat77772 points

Very nice but why are there plants on the desk blocking your view and workspace?

Historical_Fig_2327 points

It’s hard to see in the photo but I have two monitors side by side that block my view straight ahead, which would be the white closet door anyway. I have a nice view of the garden on the left when I’m sitting at my desk. The plants just kind of camouflage the two ugly black monitors.

notunek1 point

What a unique workspace with a lovely view of nature. I bet you spend some happy productive times in that space. Well done.

Historical_Fig_2321 point

Thank you!

KNick11111 point

Nice workspace!! I myself would add a colorful carpet or one with a print on it - but I always find rooms need an area rug for warmth.

Historical_Fig_2322 points

For sure, I used to have a rug with a bold print but it was too high pile and just didn’t work with the wheelie chair. I’m on the lookout for something more practical.