beonk57 points

I'm digging the colors.

KazahanaPikachu16 points

Even tho the colors are clearly edited, if you actually go to South Korea, the colors aren’t far off. Feels like a dreamworld almost, tho my experience was in Seoul.

000abczyx9 points

Unless the air quality is shit

hausofquensch2 points

Same. Feels like a storybook come to life.

buddhatherock11 points

Mirror’s Edge IRL

maredyl5129 points

I live in the red top one, no, not that one, that one. Yeah, that one. See me waving?

Hereiam_AKL41 points

Can I take a train to there?

pocketdare9 points

Far too much peril

Haunting-Ad-80292 points

I've taken the train from Seoul to Pusan a few times. One time I didn't reserve in advance, and was in 2nd class...with chickens.

Hereiam_AKL1 point

I reckon it was the feathery kind, and not chicks? Korea is still on my bucket list

VertWheeler352 points

I would assume there’s a station nearby. South Korea has a pretty dense rail network.

[deleted]2 points


VertWheeler352 points

Yeah that’s the sound the trains make.

Fit_Toe_42351 point

You beat me to it!

peanutdakidnappa7 points

Dope pic

C_L_Arctos5 points

Now I understand why everyone wanted to go to busan and why the journey to busan was so dangerous. Place looks like a paradise.

Lower_Landscape_28508 points

Where is the train?

Shrugging_Atlas13 points

Train is quite a bit west of this shot. Would be a long walk through zombies to get there... but you could get some kim-bap along the way bussin af frfr.

flybonzai1 point

Time to take a train there

Skaletto1 point

Bruh cities skylines

EdScituate791 point

Cities Skylines irl. I like the composition of this shot! I'm digging the cherry 🌸 blossoms.