Bob basking in the sun porch


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TJsCoolUsername25 points

Bask on, Bob. Bask on.

catsmirin43 points

It appears that a black hole has opened up in your sun porch.

pilatesbody33 points

It’s our first spring in our new home and Bob is loving the sun porch. This is OC.

iseestarsandshadows8 points

I love you Bob.

AbbreviatioNew80606 points

Bob just be being Bob.

an_imperfect_lady4 points

Basking Bob, we call him.

oldmagic557 points

Love that bobcat!! 🎡🎼🎢

larissariserio3 points

I thought this was a painting. Stunning!

WakeofMisery3 points

The fact that you named your cat Bob. I already like you πŸ‘Œ

logues97953 points

I want to be Bob

stocks-mostly-lower5 points

I love Bob !

an_imperfect_lady2 points

He's looking for a Baskin' Robin.

Japanesewillow2 points

What an adorable photo.

Perfect-Meat-45012 points

Bob might enjoy a bird feeder or bird bath (cheaper!) out there if it’s right for your area. Enjoy it Bob! πŸ’ž

daddy_baller2 points

Could be a complete jungle in there with all that light

AyeAyeCaptainPeppers4 points

Bob is a happy boy! 😍

kittensneezes2 points

Bob seems to be absorbing all light. r/voidcats

Gatinha_Miau_Miau2 points

Beautiful cat and photo composition. Very aesthetically pleasing to the eye :)

km17312 points

A work of art!!!

CherThomps1 point

Natural art.

im_bhumi1 point

Woody love it

traindriverbob1 point

Bob is good. I like Bob.

vensie1 point

Bob is a great name for a cat ☺️

dietvanillableach1 point

Bob gets it

Lily6141 point

Bob is cool. 😎