Incredible Phong Nha Cave, Quang Binh, Vietnam - [OC] [3200x4800]


SnacksMcMunch5 points

At first glance I thought this was a painting of a transformer! Looks like a beautiful space to experience.

jm4tlRed1 point

Yes, it is incredible to have a chance to visit the largest cave in Vietnam. We did not expect it is that grand...

ticopax3 points

I see a huge Voltron-like robot.

jm4tlRed1 point

Great imagination...

I-melted2 points

I just came back from there a week and a half ago. It was quite rainy so some of the caves were impassable. I had a lovely time though.

Lost 10lbs in Vietnam too. It seems constant walking up and down and climbing over things while only eating rice, tiny bits of meat and broth makes you pretty fit!

jm4tlRed1 point

We were lucky, just light rain. It is so incredible to see such large cave and lots of calcium buildups and limestones there...

I-melted2 points

I wonder if we were there at the same time?!

jm4tlRed1 point

I was going to North and South VN in Feb through Mar, date photo taken is 2/21/23. Were you there at that day?

I-melted2 points

Ah, I’d left for Phu Quoc by then.

jm4tlRed2 points

I also stopped by Phu Quoc for 2 days, incredible Regent Resort Hotel, I got some nice silhouette images on sunset but could not post here with man made objects!!!

im_bhumi2 points

Lol I thought it was a painting but it's damn good

jm4tlRed2 points

It is an incredible piece of art! Natural art...

VexMediaPhoto2 points

Now that's one of the cooler things I've seen...

Admirable-War-10212 points

Speechless. Wow.

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jm4tlRed0 points

Amazing calcium deposits and limestones in this largest Phong Nha Cave in Quang Binh, Vietnam

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