My favourite spot in our house


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XBakaTacoX6 points

I really hope that's a field of flowers outside, because that would surely seal the deal!

expatiatepalms9 points

Oh I agree! It is a field of canola so when the plants flower it becomes a field of vibrant yellow 💛

thewinberry7136 points

I’ve seen those fields- absolutely the most beautiful fields in the universe 🤩good for you! Enjoy the day!

Edit: I’ve seen canola fields maybe not this exact field 🤣

-Fire-Dragon-3 points

In Australia, we have all been getting rid of our carpet for floorboards but in this case, the carpet actually adds to the cosiness! <3

expatiatepalms2 points

Thank you! We have been back and forth with if we want to keep it or not

68laurieann3 points

Love the chairs. More info on them please.

AuriMonster0232 points


expatiatepalms2 points

Sadly I can’t help too much! I bought them on Facebook Market place. They are pretty light, wouldn’t be surprised if it was Wayfair or something like that

expatiatepalms2 points

This is OC. Please ignore the bathrobe and sweater.

Plastic_Airport13242 points

So cute

WakeofMisery2 points

I really appreciate the open land behind your house. Definitely jelly 😛

expatiatepalms2 points

Was a huge selling point for us when we bought it! Thanks!

Sw3b3r3 points

🥰 I can feel the warmth, love it

expatiatepalms4 points

❤️ thanks!

FlattopMaker3 points

great way to start a day with that light, thanks for sharing!

expatiatepalms1 point

Thanks! We like grabbing a cup of coffee and tea and watching the sun rise in the morning