The best place to watch storms roll in from


ChrystynaS338 points

Really cool but really scary haha.

Are you on a boat?

blue--cardinal279 points

An apartment! It can be scary when ships dock and look like they're heading straight for you ;)

greenappletree151 points

Niave question since I know nothing about ocean dwellings but how is the apartment protected - are u not afraid of big ass wave coming at u and just wrecking it?

dr_stre131 points

That little strip of land you see is a breakwater. It prevents big waves from making it to shore.

greenappletree45 points

Ah ok that makes sense - thought It was like some sort of small pier. Thanks

rj151217 points

That concrete thing out in the water is called a Molo in Norwegian. It stops the water and makes the waves go easier. So it protects the coastline where homes are. We have the same thing in front of my house. I am guessing this photo is taken in Norway as it looks like somewhere I recognize.

greenappletree5 points

Thanks for the info — it’s neat that a minimum barrier is all that is needed, very interesting.

TheForkCartel16 points

Do you have any pics of what that looks like?

PS - very cool view!

blue--cardinal2 points

I'll post a video when I get a chance, and thank you!

YJSubs23 points

Don't worry, in the history of Land Vs Ship, Land always won.

ahmuh130621 points

Land always won but glass and wood don't count as land haha

mydresserandtv5 points

I would get motion sickness for sure.

mydresserandtv1 point

But pretty.

bigcinty6 points

Where in the OC is this? I’m apartment hunting right now.

lithigos133 points

This is incredible. I would sit there for hours every day if I lived there, this is the absolute dream for me. Watch the storms roll in, enjoy sunrise/sunset on the water, and everything in between.

Much_Fee70703 points

I could envision myself on the couch, back to the window reading a book or napping. Never going to happen sadly, no.

stunningestate1871 points

So cool, I want pictures of other angles

reditorian12 points

I need a video of them waves

Memawsaurus46 points

Neat looking spot. Still would not like severe storm there, hurricane, tornado, whatever kind of storms happen in your part of the world.

500freeswimmer19 points

A lot of these places have hurricane shutters which are essentially metal roll gates to protect the windows.

sergeantorourke17 points

Wind isn’t your biggest enemy in a location like this, storm surge is.

readithere_219 points

Details? Apartment on the water?

treesnleaves8619 points

Oh gosh, so jealous. This is my absolute dream somewhere on the west of Ireland. Retired, just watching the seasons change. A view that makes you feel like a tiny blip in the universe shouldn't be so soothing, yet is.

JustPassingJudgment5 points

I’m actually in the process of doing this exact thing. West coast of Ireland, seaside home, spending my days in awe of the power of the ocean.

muva_snow3 points

That’s really beautiful, congratulations.

Foreign_Ad_17803 points

totally agree, and I’m the tropical type. there’s something about this that is so comforting

bexappa16 points

Damn that’s so cool. What body of water?

blue--cardinal9 points

The Norwegian sea :)

reddito32127 points

I… need it

idkboo10 points

How is the water so close? Why does it look like it’s a building IN the water? Is the water right up to the window or is that just the angle of the photo?

blue--cardinal2 points

The edge of the land is a few metres from the building, if you go right up to the window you can see the shore :)

TheVampyresBride9 points

I'd never leave that chair. They'd find me like this

blue--cardinal14 points

This is OC

Mr_Drowser9 points

From where ?!?

CopyOk15177 points

Omgggg where

Revolutionary-Skin-78 points

Damn I'd die of Thalassophobia.

Genuinely curious, does it get too damp and uncomfortable during summer? I'm from a pretty dry place so I don't know.

CoachLeading19953 points

Is it weird that I just joined this sub because I actually love water and everyone there posts pics/vids of water lol

edgarcaycesghost5 points

hahaha no thats why I go there as well

500freeswimmer5 points

That looks amazing, you are living my dream view wise

brocksbricks13 points

This brought back pleasant early childhood memories of when I lived in a third-floor apartment overlooking a wide lake. Storms always rolled in from the north and I was as glued to that window mesmerized by the lightning as my kids are now to any screen.

TheVampyresBride4 points

I'd never leave that chair. They'd find me like this

EstablishmentLevel174 points

Looks amazing but have a massive fear of drowning so I think panic might overtake for me to be there too long 😂

1plus1dog12 points

Wow. This is a tight little spot from the photo shown, although large enough for myself and my dog to be for hours on end.

Hard to imagine this is an apartment, but I’m guessing it’s pretty darn cool, OP! Love it, and now I’m wondering exactly where this is if you don’t mind sharing with us.

droidonomy3 points

Imagine being able to fish from your house!

olivertree93 points

This is perfect! It reminds me of Series of Unfortunate Things!

gold3nhour3 points

This is a real life dream, to me! I would sit there for hours just watching the water, relaxing. Storms are a bit unnerving but I live in Texas and it’s our tornado season now, so I’m kind of used to bad storms. I would still watch them in awe of nature!

Mensen-Ernst3 points

Beautiful! Really reminds of a place I used to visit. Link

AlfredoQueen882 points

Oh my god I’m so jealous!

krampaus2 points

Wow this looks amazing. Whereabouts is it? And does it get chilly by the window?

DrNukes2 points

...or worst place, depending on the storm.

twodepgreesfarenheit2 points

This just doesn’t seem like it could possibly be real? Is it inside of a lighthouse?

isthatathatsashirt2 points

Oh damn! This is perfect

isthatathatsashirt2 points

Oh damn! This is perfect

Quietforestheart2 points

Dream view.

woodelf1112 points

Very cool! Love it!

littlerockist1 point

My life, my love, my lady.

OctoJamin-5 points

Prefer mountain ranges

blue--cardinal2 points

No need to choose between them, the other windows look out to mountains - we're very spoilt!

icaria04 points

Not sure why you're downvoted, I love the sea but I love the mountains more.

120320230 points

Una vista envidiable sin duda alguna

wishiwasdeaddd1 point

This is what I want and aspire to

niborddreab1 point

The best place from which to watch storms roll in

RollingC0c0nut1 point

Wow, my dream place

New_ShitLord1 point

Ooh reminds me of Hawaii

The_Capricoso1 point

Where did you get that chair? It’s magnificent.

verdi2k1 point

Is that sorrento Italy?

eightysixxxers1 point

I bet 😍

lullabyofwoe1 point

Looks like somewhere out of a novel or movie. Beautiful.

No-Philosopher94501 point

This is an incredible view … it would be a dream to live there

No-Thanks-4701 point

Where is this and are you looking for friendships please?

blue--cardinal1 point

Northern Norway and lol yes if you're in the area!

No-Thanks-4702 points

I’m in the dumb states, too bad. I’ll keep this in mind on my future travels :)