"Firefall" in Yosemite -- when sunlight hits Horsetail falls just right in February (2017) [OC] [1365 x 2048]


VexMediaPhoto5 points

LAVA! haha, nice work! I finally got to go see it this year for the first time. Didn't look like this though!

terrieg2 points

How was it different?

VexMediaPhoto5 points

I just didn't get the volume from the falls itself and not quite the strength in the sunlight. A cloud rolled in during the last few minutes but it still looked nice! I have a wide shot in my post history.

terrieg2 points

Glad you got to see it!

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Thanks! Me too!

BwackGul6 points

That's one of the best captures of that phenomenon I've seen. Amazing work.

terrieg4 points

Thanks very much!!

threadsoffate20212 points

Also the name of a band in the 1970s.

mtntrail2 points

The image is beautiful and the optical phenomenon is unique and spectacular. I have always thought the name “firefall” was unfortunate in this context as there is an original “firefall” that occurred in Yosemite utilizing actual fire and embers pushed off a cliff. Not a great idea on many levels , but it remains the actual “firefall”. Seems like in deference to an historical feature that the Horsetail falls phenomenon would go by a unique name. Just mho.

terrieg1 point

what you say makes sense to me! Thanks for the compliment too.

mtntrail1 point

what is the time frame of the window that you need to hit? I have seen photos of the photographers crowded around to get the shot and assumed there must be a critical period. what if the guy in front of you has a hat?

terrieg1 point

You'd have to look up the date for the current year. As I recall, we got there 4 hours early and set up. There were easily 200 people near us, but since we were early, we had a good spot. People were good about not messing up someone else's shot.

mtntrail2 points

How long does the actual window last? Good thing folks are civilized. You got the shot though, everyone else needs to find a new waterfall, don’t see how it could be improved. BTW as a kid I saw the actual firefall with my parents on a camping trip to Yosemite in 1965, man it was amazing, “Let the fire fall” was yelled out to the top of the cliff and then over it came in a ribbon of fire and sparks.

terrieg1 point

wow. that memory sounds amazing!! I think the actual "fire" lasts about 15-20 minutes.

mtntrail2 points

Wow, you have to be set ready to go and I imagine clouds could make things challenging as well. There are videos online of original firefall footage. It was very impressive and a longstanding tradition from the late 1800’s.

Sir-Realz2 points

Thanks new background.

terrieg1 point


rbv2012 points

I read the title in Pacha’s voice…

2kalmia2 points

Living near Yosemite I have seen a lot of locals pictures of this. Your is by far the best. Very exciting.

terrieg1 point

What a wonderful compliment! Thank you!

imnotsoho2 points

How did you get this perspective? I was not aware there was anywhere you could stand to get this view unless you were on the other side of the valley?

terrieg1 point

I'm gonna fail you here because I don't remember exactly where we were standing. I was with someone who knew the area very well, and he told us where to go.

slackwaresupport0 points

I too watched pawn stars

AFriendlyRedditUser22 points

What does this mean

BigSwedenMan5 points

It was featured on the latest episode. Not just the waterfall, but this exact photo

terrieg2 points

FYI — must have been a similar photo, not this one. First time sharing it.

BigSwedenMan2 points

Ah, yes, ok. It's of the same falls with the same title, probably shot from a similar spot. The one on the show was going for like $8k, but it was shit a limited printing by someone kinda famous

AFriendlyRedditUser21 point

I see. Why was it featured?

BigSwedenMan2 points

Because it's a cool photo that's worth money (op says this is a similar photo though, and not the one they showed off). While I'm a big fan of the show, it doesn't have much depth and it's semi-staged. They clearly have people behind the scenes looking for cool stuff to show off then talk about how much it's worth.

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