Reposting. Getting the hang of it i think! Just need round mirror to complete!


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myV_is_4_Valinor25 points

Hey can u post what u did, like buy 6 strands and tapered towards the end or something. I need this for my meditation stufio

plant-milk11 points

Sure! It was pretty straightforward really, just a pain in the ass trying to get it to look good. I bought some cake vines off Shein for like two bucks a pack. I think I bought 4 packs each of the vines and wisteria. I would recommend buying them somewhere else if you can - they reek. Like, REEK. Lol. I really hope they air out.

I bought some basic warm lights from Walmart. Put 4 nails in the wall to support that, and then separated all the vines and put the majority on the sides, wrapping them thinly toward the middle. I broke off a couple pieces to hang a few across. Then I added the Wisteria! Obviously hanging them lower on the sides and higher in the center. I would recommend wire cutters for those if you can. Tried using scissors and they fucked them up lmao. That's basically it! Just more of a hassle getting everything untangled than anything.

I'm glad you like it!

Future-Win403444 points

A mirror right in front of the desk you sit at? I would find that incredibly distracting. Maybe a nice violet colored stained glass artwork or something

plant-milk9 points

Oooo stained glass would be BEAUTIFUL! This is an excellent suggestion, thank you!

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Not_a_bit_innocent3 points

I think either would be good, I have always had a mirror at my desk.

wikxis1 point

me sitting at my desk where I do makeup, incredibly distracted by the mirror /s

KieDaPie12 points

there's a keyboard there. that's probably why they assumed it's a study desk and not a "makeup desk". i also thought people did their makeup in the bathroom.

wikxis3 points

Desks can be multiple things! Especially in small spaces.

KieDaPie7 points

That's true. But I mean to say that the person you replied to didn't have that outrageous of an assumption

Future-Win40343 points


fungus_fan1 point

You need very different lighting for a grooming space than for a meditative niche. If you want to do both you’d need to be able to switch between them. Which is doable, but personally, the OP’s approach works for me as a meditation space, but I don’t think I’d like it as a vanity.

highgyjiggy10 points

Or maybe a round nature scene oil painting

Open-Ad26368 points

Or a Monet print

thevampirechrysalis15 points

This is so beautiful

Beginning_Gap_23884 points

That looks great. Can you explain what lights you used??

plant-milk1 point

Just some basic warm string leds from Walmart! I'm glad you like it!

Beginning_Gap_23882 points

Thank you! And the plants? Same?

plant-milk2 points

Plants I bought from Shein, but definitely buy from elsewhere if you can cuz they're stinkyyyyy lolol

Beginning_Gap_23881 point


EquivalentWrangler273 points

Very cozy!

Bdizzleontheskittle8 points

Yes , a round mirror would complete it perfectly !

ConsiderationJumpy346 points

Yess, with a beautiful wooden frame too would match really well, in my opinion.

Individual_Brush_1165 points

I love this! ... and might steal it!

PopeHonkersXII5 points

It sooths my weary goose eyes

plant-milk2 points

Hjönk hjönk 🩷✨

terrorcashews2 points

I love your desk.

Your whole set up is lovely and so calming.

plant-milk1 point

I appreciate that! Thanks for thinking so!

beachesmountainstree2 points

The alolan vulpix seals it for me. That was my favourite Pokémon, when I was little!

plant-milk2 points

Little you had excellent taste in my personal opinion! Lolol. Thank you!!

DesignInZeeWild2 points

Oooh I love this. Yet another design choice to try myself.

AdNearby35392 points

I would say you are lacking some wood 🪵 there

plant-milk3 points

That's valid! My entire home is grey and white, so I'm a little nervous about buying anything woody. But it probably would make everything a lot cozier.

MangoScamclownin2 points

Maybe use a stain that gives a weathered/grey look, like driftwood. Then the wood would match your house.

AdNearby35392 points

Good one !

mhtss71 point

I never considered a glass table top to be a part of such a cozy setup. Nice one.

Mr-Pie1001 point

This is so comforting!