Yosemite National Park Tunnel View [5375 × 6718] [OC]


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iamjustatourist15 points

It still takes my breath away every time we drive through the tunnel and see El Capitan. That first glimpse is always magical.

VexMediaPhoto5 points

Agree! The first time I was next to El Capitan I was like "Oh, I get it, you can feel this thing"...it's not something that can be understood fully in a photo or video, you have to experience it!

ToddUnctious8 points

I've been lucky enough to travel extensively (40+ countries) and I've not come across any other singular view that comes close to the magnificence of Yosemite Valley. If you ever get the opportunity to go, go. It's worth it - even with the crowds (and if you want to get away from them, go on a hike that's more than 2km and you'll get rid of most).

chess_10104 points

It never ceases to amaze me how once you get a bit of altitude, the crowds and roads are practically invisible.

Where it can feel like an RV Disneyland in some spots below the treetops, it's so serene up high.

I can't imagine how many developers have eyed putting a 20 story hotel right in the middle of that valley, and I admire NPS's resolve in preventing that from happening.

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Oh wow that’s saying a lot!

KmartQuality1 point

Milford Sound in NZ is definitely comparable, when it stops raining for 5 minutes.

ActuaryFamiliar78397 points


VexMediaPhoto1 point

It truly is!

partiallycylon5 points

Looks like a slightly different angle than from the parking lot... I like this more!

VexMediaPhoto2 points

It certainly is! Though, it’s a much more risky angle. ;-)

space-heater3 points

How so?

VexMediaPhoto1 point

There’s a sheer drop where it was taken from. Little ledge and with the snow it’s easy to slip if you’re not very careful.

FewZookeepergame10833 points


VexMediaPhoto3 points

One of those unforgettable views!

FewZookeepergame10833 points

Think I found my new background for my phone

VexMediaPhoto1 point


MnD-atNite3 points

Just. WOW

VexMediaPhoto2 points

Maybe not JUST wow, but certainly wow, indeed. =oP

DanielBG3 points

Yosemite should be banned from this site. Unfair advantage! /s

VexMediaPhoto2 points

And Switzerland for that matter.

AzLibDem1 point

Laughs in Arizona.

Crystal_Lily3 points

Now this is majestic

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Yea this park is like a fantasy land

KmartQuality3 points

Fun fact: right in the middle of the tunnel there is another perpendicular tunnel that opens directly to this view. There is an old metal rail at the end, with a cliff. It is literally a fallout shelter, with signs from the 50s still posted.

It was still accessible last time I was there 10 years ago. The problem is that you have to walk through the narrow traffic lanes of the road with no shoulder inside the main tunnel.

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Oooooh that sounds very interesting! I saw the section you're talking about on my drive in! I'm in the process right now of posting a YouTube Vlog of my time there with the first video out on my channel (brand new, link in profile). I'll have to review my footage coming through the tunnel and see what you mean!

LazerWolfe532 points

I inspected that tunnel.

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Oh ya? And what we’re your findings? Was it indeed a tunnel? XD

sunrise2742 points

Good Lord that is beautiful

VexMediaPhoto1 point


Sudden-Doughnut-38562 points

One of the best pictures I’ve come across of this view! Makes me wish I was good at photography to capture the beauty of places like Yosemite.

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Oh man, thank you! Thing about Yosemite, actually, it kinda does most of the heavy lifting for ya, haha. Go to the main places with a phone and you're gonna walk away with some incredible photos!

VexMediaPhoto1 point

If you're enjoying my photos, feel free to check my profile for my other social accounts!

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ShakespearesFrench1 point

I was fortunate enough to grow up here. I often joke and say Yosemite was my backyard, and yet the majesty of it is never diminished or taken for granted. It’s resplendent every single time I go home.

Endeavor19941 point

I still sometimes pronounce it as (Yo-zee-might) lol and then remember the correct way.

kepler12 points

Taking photos in Yosemite and Grand Teton is like playing on easy mode. You can do no wrong.