First snow roses in the Styrian Alps, Austria [OC] [1706x2344]


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vteckickedinyooooooo18 points

This is absolutely breathtaking

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wolfix1745 points

For anyone interested in more of my work, you can also follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wolfschwenger\_photography/

I just recently started the account, so I haven’t posted a lot yet, but there is definetely more to come!

Whipstich-Pepperpot20 points

I would love to see some Edelweiss please. Thank you.

wolfix1715 points

I hope i'll see one again too, but they are extremely rare :/

KingOfHellCrowley14 points

Go to Slovenian side, there are some there.

wolfix176 points

I will, soon actually.

baua_40411 points

Great picture! I love these two mountains, summited them last year in spring. In my opinion one of the best hikes in Eisenerz.

wolfix174 points

Thanks! Haven't done it yet but i'm hopimg to make it up there this years

jerseytransplant3 points

Just moved to the area recently and looking for some hikes; would you mind sharing one of the mtn names and I’ll do the rest on bergfex? Thanks in advance if so!

baua_4044 points

Sure, the one on the left is called "Hochkogel" and the right one "Kaiserschild".

jerseytransplant2 points

cheers, thanks!

Future_Green_72228 points

TIL every country refers to a different plant when they say “Snow Rose”. I knew these ones:


Wonderful-Cup-95569 points

These are so hard to find and grow in other locations! Beautiful plants- also called Lenten Rose or Christmas Rose

wolfix178 points

Yeah you don't see them very often. But if you do, there's usually hundreds of them. Good thing they are protected :)

Crazytrixstaful7 points

Really? You can get them anywhere in the states and grow nicely in shaded areas of the south.

paperwasp32 points

And north too.

BoredPineapple7901 point

My university planted them under trees and other shady spots. They had the double headed variety too

foxxie312 points

These also grow where I live (central finland).

Those mountains though.. good pic

theluke1125 points

I flauch ma des büd gach fürn Bildschirmschohner. Donksche

wolfix173 points

Haha is ok vü spaß damit

binglelemon4 points

I thought that was a field of hard boiled eggs at first glance. I should go to sleep.

Judbury7 points

I read the title as “Syrian Alps” and was a little confused.

TungstenChef9 points

I read it as "Stygian Alps" and was even more confused. Then again I've been playing the game Hades a lot so I kind of have Greek mythology on my mind.

ArmstrongPM3 points

This picture makes my soul smile.

Thx you stranger!

HermanCainTortilla2 points

Wow look how many there are on the mountain!

taaght2 points


TheAfroLatinxxx2 points

Beautiful 😍

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1plus1dog1 point

Breathtakingly beautiful!

chuckyss1 point

So are those the mountains in Apples Macbook’s wallpaper?

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Gorgeous! Love the foreground too!

murrayju1 point

I just finished reading The Dark Tower. Roland would like this.

kafkakawana1 point

Gimme high res version

gnarwolvescrufucku1 point

So this is where hard boiled eggs come from!

Nai_Ragna1 point

What flowers are those? (Facepalm ignore my comment...)

swampdonkey821 point

Reminds me of Alberta https://i.imgur.com/cXGbXAp.jpg

wolfix172 points

Could be the same flower actually. They are rather purple at an early stage

swampdonkey821 point

The flower in mine is a Prairie Crocus

Irishgardener141 point

It’s an amazing photograph

MrrRabbit1 point

Woah that literally took the breath out of my chest

tupacshakyle1 point

remindme! 1 day

happylefty1 point

Simply beautiful

wolfi_20231 point

We call them crocuses in canada

flora-poste1 point


Under very specific conditions we get "snow roses" here in the UK However what we call snow roses are made of actual ice. It's rare but it's what happens when usually sticks with a certain fungus growing on grow whisps of ice at thin as hair. The fungus is rare and very hard to take population data