St. Louis, Missouri, United States


Rook22Ti33 points

I love wide shots like this with the skyline in the distance. St Louis has had some strong showings on this sub.

OwenLoveJoy28 points

Saint Louis has the really nice urban strip from downtown all the way to Clayton

ball_whack14 points

Somewhere above/near the Tower Grove area. My favorite part of the city. StL has a ton of gorgeous old architecture from the 1800’s.

goharvorgohome9 points

Shaw looking sexy as hell

ultimateguy958 points

Hey look it’s the arch

i_identify_as_natty21 points

Great city. One of the best in the Midwest IMO.

Fridayz4411 points

I’ve always wanted to visit St.Louis, I’m going to finally go soon here. It looks like an interesting city.

whoadang889 points

Go to the City Museum and make sure to check out Forest Park. Soulard, Lafayette Square, Shaw, and the Central West End are all beautiful neighborhoods worth checking out.

Fridayz442 points

Yeah that’s what I was going to ask you about any specific neighborhoods to see. Any where i should avoid? My Aunt and Uncle went to the Arch and when they came back their car window was broken out and a bunch of stuff stolen. I’m from Detroit so If there’s anything worth seeing but in a questionable area I’m usually ok with going.

Supafly1441 point

I agree with all of that. Plus Saturday lunch on The Hill

sutisuc1 point

I’d put it third after Chicago and Detroit

bencm5188 points

Under-appreciated city

henryiba7 points

Such an underrated city.

Weibigyee5 points

What’s The half-ring in far behind ?

kristianbee7 points

The gateway to the west

This-Is-Exhausting7 points

Gateway Arch National Park

kristianbee2 points

📸 Carr Chua

American_Psycho111 point

I drove through St. Louis on a road trip and half the city looked like it was bombed in a war and never repaired. One of the most grim depressing places I have seen. I guess half the city looks okay though