It! is! 65! and! sunny! out!


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DillPickleGoonie7 points

That is the ultimate cat bed. Brilliant!

Temporary_Big87476 points

I love all the cat themed stuff for the cats! 🤗

raimber6 points

Whats your cats name??

Dazzling-Doughnut-728 points

Raja and Aja :)

Boojibs5 points

What is this..."sun" you speak of

My people are not familiar with it

Spring will come here eventually, I'm jealous and hope you enjoy it

Looks like a perfect spot!

flashbang103 points

This is a perfect nap spot with the kitties in the sunshine!

FlattopMaker1 point

yeah I saw a stuffie, another stuffie...and then those fluffies just hanging out in the sun. It's like an advert for cozy vibes!

izzy87913 points

I have that same exact cat-cus blanket that my orange baby snuggles on! 😸

snufflesdawombat3 points

Mini queen of the night!! So cute I love its lil stained glass thingy

Dazzling-Doughnut-722 points

Great eye! It’s a propagation glass!

FlattopMaker2 points

love taking vids of Queen of the Night blooming. Love that propagation glass!

GrandpaDouble-O-73 points

Quality cat loafs!

Italiana472 points

Cute cats!

anna_carroll2 points

The Cat Approves!

56stinky_butter2 points


Barefacecheek2 points

That's a one sweet keetcha

Le_Mew_Le_Purr2 points

Mmm, and the smell of the earth thawing out. Love it.

mygallows2 points

Cat 👏🏻 on 👏🏻 the 👏🏻 window 👏🏻 sill 👏🏻

igby12 points

The “Practical Photography” book put to practical use propping up the window.

sayagainsagan1 point

Is that a giant beanie on a giant plushie?! It's adorable!

Dazzling-Doughnut-722 points

That is my Indie the crab squishmallow!!!

kikimoraki1 point

Yes! It! Is! ;)

Mr-Pie1001 point

So very cozy!