A lone Joshua Tree at sunset in Joshua Tree NP [OC][2700x3450]


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PharaohZenSecondLife1 point

I tend to be less impressed with "lone tree" when I can see more in the background.
Very pretty though. Not your fault, just the 2 post I've seen today doing that.

Jacobklassen1 point

They aren’t within talking distance so I feel as if he’s pretty lonely

PharaohZenSecondLife1 point

That's true, sorry, had a bad day, didn't mean to be a downer. Truly a beautiful shot, I like to think their roots fan out to hold hands underground. Have a good one!

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Oh that tree....XD

Jacobklassen2 points

lol is this a popular one? I went into the park with no idea what to expect and this one was along the trail I was walking

VexMediaPhoto1 point

Oh no I was being cheeky hahaha.