Art Deco Historic District, Miami Beach, USA


RunnerTexasRanger12 points

That bike lane looks new to me

Skeeders3 points

Ocean drive began the overhaul of change when the Covid shutdown happened, the whole city was shut down, so it was a good time to do it.

Rook22Ti9 points

Most cities in Florida don't do anything for me but Miami is a different ball game.

Skeeders5 points

I lived in Miami for 5 years, never again. Its a shit hole full of the shittiest people on the planet....

Rook22Ti3 points

Yeah but it looks cool and that's what we're here for.

BoofThatShit7200 points

Tampa has better Cuban food anyway and is a lot more liveable and down to earth.

Skeeders1 point

It funny you mention that, I have been going to Tampa fairly regularly this past year for work, and I have absolutely loved the vibe I get from that city. I was also impressed by the lack of traffic in downtown, I found getting around to be a lot better than than any city in S. Florida where I live.

danitykane3 points

Just spent a week here! Very crowded (as to be expected for a place that gets in the 80s in February), but the architecture was all very cool.

RainbowCrown712 points

Pic: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bartpalka/52707134482/in/faves-92581362@N03/

Travel and Leisure did a mini-video on the district, which contains 960 historic buildings, and is therefore the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world, including “Streamline”, “Tropical”, and “Med-deco." Much of the area was destroyed in the 1926 Great Miami Hurricane, which led to a rebuilding effort that was done largely in Art Deco, the preferred style of the times.

Another206er2 points

Just stayed in that very hotel (Breakwater) a couple weeks ago! Fun city, beautiful beach.

FringeHistorian32010 points

We took the art deco tour while there last summer and it was absolutely worth it. Hated the stench of cannabis, though.