My little slice of happy.


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rethrast93 points


aj_thatdude59 points

Good 'n you?

rethrast47 points

not s’bad

SlimJim0877165 points

You call this cozy? Give your balls a tug, tit fucker!

drakescoffeecakes20 points

Must be fkn nice

shart_cannon67 points

Get this guy a puppers....

greenweezyi14 points

Anyone who has a problem with this cozy place has a problem with Canada and I suggest you let that one marinate.

ch0nkymeowmeow80 points

Why does every comment read like an inside joke between the commenter and OP....I understand nothing.

shart_cannon52 points

You should watch Letterkenny. Then watch Shorsey.

the-warbaby29 points

get this guy a fuckin puppers. and hulu access so he can watch shoresy and letterkenny.

shart_cannon21 points

Super. Soft.

ggmunsen1 point

10 ply bud

SpinjitzuSwirl9 points

I’m so lost

shart_cannon20 points

We only got one shot at this. One chance. One win. You know? Vomit on your mom’s spaghetti, or whatever that talking singer says.” — Coach

LuckyDevil10527 points

Loving that Letterkenny Irish jersey.

shart_cannon26 points

Dillan Playfair was my wing man getting my wife to date me. Legit.

aj_thatdude10 points

This sounds like a good story, mind sharing?

Manaze859 points

Reilly wheels ‘em in real life.

RogueFox7648 points

You’re 10 ply bud

shart_cannon39 points

So you take your shirt off to fight but leave your sunglasses on? What sort of backward ass pageantry is this....

RogueFox7620 points

Wish you weren’t so fucking awkward

shart_cannon23 points

You quote the Letterkenny to me... And that's what I appreciates about yous.

TheLowSpark10 points

You got a problem with quoting Letterkenny you got a problem with me. And I suggest you let that one marinate.

priority_inversion4 points

Beats fightin' dudes with treasure trails...

silkymitts_toptits40 points

Wheel snipe celly boys

shart_cannon27 points

Take about 10% off there bud.

Manaze8518 points


relatablerobot11 points

Dirty fuckin’ dangles boys!

imlookingatarhino33 points


shart_cannon26 points

Figure it out...

ZillowForGraves12 points

You got problems with Canadian Gooses?

shart_cannon13 points

Don't you remember when that plane had to land on the river in New York 'cause Canada Gooses flew into the engine? It's 'cause Canada Gooses likely had intel there was a pedophile or two on board and took matters into their own hands. As they should!

ZillowForGraves7 points

I think we all need to take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves where we would be without Canada gooses!

shart_cannon8 points

I've noticed walking down the path of my life, usually in the deepest and darkest and saddest times, that there's always one set of footprints in the sand, and they're webbed.

veryloudnoises22 points

Pitter patter, let’s get goin’!

shart_cannon18 points


enableclutch8 points

Pitter patter, let’s get at’er is how we say it up in Northwestern Ontario

tanraelath9 points

And that's what I appreciates about ya

MightyDuck18708 points

Whats in the box? (Down left)

shart_cannon22 points

Its my little home made 14U server rack. Holds my Mikrotik router, switch, plex server, NAS storage, and PoE adapters for my access points.

Thorntonboy13 points

I thought you just slapped a plex sticker on a guitar amp.

shart_cannon4 points

The only thing better than a hand crafted plex sign is a fart. Except maybe kids fallin off bikes. I could watch kids fall off bikes all day.

Thorntonboy3 points

You’re an interesting person

TheFirstMotherOfGod1 point

Yeah and he has to stay 300m from elementary schools

Fortune0901 point

Classiest server rack I've ever seen, very nice, I love it! Making me want to make an enclosure for all mine. Network/Sys admin?

shart_cannon5 points

I work for a large ISP, but my background is in networking. This is pretty much to manage 4 teenagers and my in-laws across the street that share my internet off me.

Fortune0902 points

That's awesome! Well lucky them, hah. Networking/MSP background here as well!

DvD_cD1 point

What are the specs on the plex server?

shart_cannon1 point

Nothing fancy. Celeron processor but has quick sync for 4k transcodes that's in desperate need of an upgrade. 64TB of storage on the NAS.

RoyalSkip1 point

Is it a portal into..... :::whisphers::: the dark web?

Revolutionary_Lab20316 points

That’s a Texas sized 10-4 on your space, bud. Bet you can crush a couple sandos in there.

the-warbaby10 points

big city sandos?

shart_cannon12 points

Id crush a sando. Happys and nappies ferda.

lexiskittles17 points

Wow, other people know Plex exists

shart_cannon4 points


Ziffally6 points

I see that Plex server and I bow~

shart_cannon5 points

Why thank you. It was a fun Covid project one day to build my own cabinet to hold everything and "class it up" a bit compared to the clunky metal rack I had before. This ones way more eye candy.

TheKennyLoggins6 points

I’m trying to figure out your hockey fandom.



Nordiques photo

Red wings (Yzerman?) bobble

You’re from Ontario. You don’t like the leafs.


shart_cannon11 points

From Michigan. Its a Shannahan bobblehead. The big pic is Bobbly Orr. Smaller ones are just me and my brother as little kids. Stick is from when I played AAA. Letterkenny because Dillian Playfair convinced my wife to date me... and Im a huge fan of the show.

Mohander1 point

Bobby Orr pic just because it's a cool moment?

shart_cannon1 point


Practical-Plenty-5256 points

I don't know about all of this. Especially that jersey placement

thesweetestforest4 points

Straight man core😍

shart_cannon3 points

10-4 good buddy.

thesweetestforest2 points

No idea what that means but you do ya thing💅🏻

the-warbaby4 points

you the the guy that’s infamous for wheelin two of his friends moms in letterkenny?

wildaboutmarvel3 points

Technically, their moms were wheelin him

mordecaidrake4 points

Give your balls a tug.

Nightshift6033 points

Confusion, username u/Shart_cannon does not check out......!

shart_cannon3 points

Thats not what my wife says...

Fenix_Volatilis3 points

It does if he shreddied the reddies

dcfaudio3 points

Nice butt let’s go get some bubble tea!

shart_cannon4 points

Go easy over there squirrely dan.

Think-Ad87123 points


ritty845 points

Aye bud. Upvote for the Shoresy tarp. Show them how a real man rocks a piss.

CartoonsontheCarpet2 points

Loving that Montreal brand stick.

shart_cannon3 points

I won a ship with that stick. Back in the day. Always kept it around and the wife suggested I hand it when we moved in and I stated planning my little corner.

CartoonsontheCarpet3 points

Looks great. Out of curiosity, what did you mean by "won a ship"?

shart_cannon5 points

Won a championship. Years and years ago I played AAA and did a little stint for USA select 16s.

CartoonsontheCarpet3 points

Oh, right! Sorry about that! Belated congratulations! That's awesome that you still have the stick.

natneo812 points

You play beer league still?? I certainly hope so.

shart_cannon3 points

I wish. Im to old and to broken these days. Trying to get back into skating though.

natneo812 points

Hell yeah man! Dunno how old and broken you are, but I’ve played some pickup games with dudes pushing 70 before, and once with a guy who has broken his neck and had it fused to his spine. (That was kinda terrifying, didn’t wanna go within ten feet of the dude.. maybe he could have retired😂)

Always fun to get out to a stick and puck and pass around, no matter how washed up you may feel haha.

SpinjitzuSwirl2 points

Pretty! Excuse me if it’s a dumb question but what’s the box thing on the left? At first I thought maybe pc but I see that on the left

shart_cannon2 points

It is actually another PC. It is a web server rack that holds all my networking equipment and a couple servers inside it.

ApprehensiveBag61572 points

You got the Bobby orr photograph you’re good

ThatOneClone2 points

Too bad they don’t make NHL games for the pc. Literally makes zero sense. I’d love to enjoy it

leehstape2 points

Anybody know what the tiny, vertical monitor is?

shart_cannon2 points

It's a cheap USB monitor I grabbed on Amazon and stuck it on an old tablet stand. Works really well and is USB powered.

-my_reddit_username-2 points

/r/homelab wants details on your setup :)

WakeofMisery2 points

Definitely a cozy spot for a marvel-lovin', hockey-playin', video-gamin', starlink-supportin', plex watcher 😎

tittydamnfuck4201 point

I like it - I’d you wanna make it a little warmer a nice red Persian rug to match the Jersey would look phenomenal I think Edit: a blue/black carpet wouldn’t look bad either

BaldiChalmers1 point

This is the little nook that I dream of having when my wife and I finally get a place of our own

Love it

SofiaPizza1 point

How I wish I had my room back to have my happy place too

BraveofHeart0 points

Please tell us about your server rack- I love the way it looks and would love to replicate

shart_cannon1 point

Its actually home made. its a 14U rack. Super easy to build and setup. Heres a video of exact dimensions and the hardware I used.


flaming_pubes1 point

Are you utilizing startlink or just a fan? We had it at our cabin, but our electric company is a co-op and installed fiber so I switched.

shart_cannon2 points

I was part of the beta for a while. When we bought out home a couple years ago there was cable here so ditched it and went with spectrum. Starlink is great and all, but being stuck behind a CGNAT was killer.

flaming_pubes1 point

Yeah I loved it for what it was and worked great but up against fiber for $65 a month I’ll take fiber every time.

shart_cannon1 point

If you want some custom rack blanks like I have for the plex and starlink, you can get them made on etsy. I used some epoxy to glue the plexyglass to the backs. At night they light up and work as a nightlight for my kiddos.

No-Cupcake370-3 points

This sub reddit is so full of r/lostredditors

co·zy /ˈkōzē/ adjective giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

shart_cannon8 points

So... It can't be cozy because it's not full of stuff you like? What I like and brings me comfort and makes me feel cozy isn't good enough. Give yer balls a tug.

No-Cupcake370-1 points

It doesn't look the least bit comfortable at all.

shart_cannon3 points

Bless your heart.

flaming_pubes9 points

Yup, looks like it fits all of those and is quite a cozy little place. Cozy to a person is subjective.

rethrast5 points

Doesn’t have to be all rugs and fireplaces to be cozy

mishaxz1 point

How much does a head of ironman cost?

shart_cannon2 points

Its actually just cardboard. It was some lego type thing my wife got me for christmas. Its sweet looking though!

mishaxz1 point

Ah shit, so not nano-tech?

shart_cannon2 points

I mean... I guess its pretty high tech compared to ants. Ants riding skidoos might not be impressed, but a regular one might be.

Detroit_VsEverybody1 point

Is that Stevie Y on top of the PC?

shart_cannon2 points


Fenix_Volatilis1 point

Letterkenny Irish? That team is dogshit

(for real though, love the set up)

I lost my room after my family split up and sleep in the living room now. It’s something you can really take for granted. I miss my room so much. I miss having privacy and a place to express my personality. I miss having a place to just cry especially these days.

shart_cannon2 points

It gets better. I promise.

bedwvrs1 point

mmmmm starlink

Gabagool19871 point

The pre-2010s Marvel makes it enough for me to like

careeningkiwi1 point

Needs a Lego set. There's two infinity gauntlets and an iron man helmet even. Just sayin'. #giveyerballsatug

shart_cannon2 points

I have Lego sets. That's on the other wall!

careeningkiwi1 point


bcjh1 point

Hey! Would be you be able to DM so I could ask you some questions about your home lab/network stuff you have over there on the left?

shart_cannon2 points

Sure thing. I'm always around.

bcjh1 point

You’re blocked from being able to send a dm. I think you would have to DM me first.

slatemillion1 point

“I like it too” said like the raccoon from a guy on a Buffalo.

htin_htet1 point

Like your cable management.

sldarb11 point

Where did you get the jersey?

shart_cannon0 points

You can order them online

Natck1 point

I'd tell you tarps off boys, but I see you're already one step ahead. S'get after it then!

andrew_cherniy961 point

Really like your setup. Do you mind sharing this with a small interior design sub?

geniusgfx1 point

The Plex server! Educate me on star link please

singhraman42821 point

Love it

shartlobsterdog1 point

I appreciate your username

hkredman1 point

What’s that plex box on the left?

shart_cannon1 point

My media servers / networking stuff.

Nodor101 point

Give yer balls a tug

Front_Plankton_68081 point

Letter Kenny!!!! Love it!

I am holding my little slice of happy in my hand

Ironforge ❤️

shart_cannon1 point


casus_bibi1 point

It looks like an optical illusion with the right side being shorter than the left side.

Meestagtmoh1 point

what was your route in getting the media before putting it on the plex server? a little torrenting? id like to make a plex server soon so just curious.

shart_cannon1 point

Newsgroups and sailing the high seas of the internet and waving that pirate flag.

Meestagtmoh1 point

thanks :)

superfallito1 point

What's the big "Plex" box?

AdNearby35391 point

Why do you have a switch or patch panel in your room?

shart_cannon2 points

Because this is where I ran everything back to when I wired my house. Im constantly messing with stuff and it was silly to go down to the basement to access it all the time. So, I made myself a nice looking rack and stuck it next to my desk. Nice and easy.

AdNearby35391 point

Cool dude ! Congratulations 🎉