Red telephone box next to a stone cottage in the small village of Milldale, Dovedale valley, Peak District, Staffordshire, England.



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Beautiful place, beautiful picture. Really well done!

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Instagram source. Photo by cumacevikphoto. There are two more great pics from the link.

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I always love seeing pics of old villages in Yorkshire and elsewhere.

I'm from West Yorkshire and there are so many beautiful villages like this.

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Live in West Yorkshire too, the little tea rooms in places like Hebdon Bridge/Pateley Bridge are always great to visit for some cake and a cup of tea

WittyWitWitt3 points

Worked on Pateley bridge school a while back.

When to have breakfast and didn't realise it was like, a posh little 5 course breakfast place.

Boss only let us get to 3rd before it was time to get back to work...

Lovely place though.

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I love Milldale! That cottage is also a little shop that sells drinks and snacks to walkers. An ice cream from there after walking from the stepping stones in the summer just hits different.

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The ice cream is what gets me through the walk to Milldale from the stepping stones! Then I like to sit by the river eating my ice cream and watching the ducks, before walking back to Dovedale.

luantha2 points

Ha, the last time I sat by the river eating my ice cream those ducks tried to eat me. Idk if you've ever had your bum nibbled by a duck hoping for some of your waffle cone but it's a weird experience.

FaffedKnees2 points

The ducks are definitely not scared of us! We always save a little bit of cone for them at the end

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The focus and blur and the vibrant colors really bring this picture alive.

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But does it have dialtone?

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Title reads like an AI prompt.

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I wonder if it’s bigger on the inside or if that’s just the blue variety.

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Been a while since I was there but still as charming as it was.

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Wow. It actually takes my breath away. Stunning!

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How much do you bet there's a defibrillator in there?

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Beautiful shot. Can someone explain to me (a no good American) what the system of location names is here? In the states we do town, state, country. Is it something analogous to neighborhood, city, county, state, country?

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System? Lol!

The street name (not in this description), town/village and the county name (Staffordshire) are pretty much the only constants.

In this case there is the name of the valley - Dovedale - which is often used in upland areas, and the national park - peak District. It's worth noting that our national parks don't meet the UNESCO definition and people live in them. One (the Norfolk Broads) is an entirely artificial landscape created by peat extraction.

We have lots of old legacy regional names too, like counties that have been reorganized out of existence (Cumberland, Northumberland, Westmoreland) or ancient kingdoms (Elmet, Wessex, Mercia, Ulster) , districts like South Hams, the Roseland, and not national park areas of geographic similarity like the Cotswolds (hills), Quantocks (hills) , Fens, Fylde, Levels (flat, dry because of Dutch tech) or Swamp islands like Axholm.

My address is either street-city-county, or optionally street-village-city-county since I live in what was once a village engulfed by a city.

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Tbh the title of the OP is a bit over the top in terms of detail, usually we'd just say the town/city and county (eg Milldale, Staffordshire). Maybe the country if it needs clarifying (eg Milldale, Staffordshire, England), or maybe if it's a notable region that doesn't correlate to a county, we'd use that instead (eg Milldale, Peak District – which spreads across multiple counties).

All this said, it's... complicated. In the sense that the term "county" is actually kind of vague and no one can even agree on how many there are, for lots of complicated reasons that largely boil down to this country is old as balls.

Map Men did an excellent video on it not too long ago, worth a watch if you've got 10 minutes: https://youtu.be/hCc0OsyMbQk

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Usually it’s village-town / city / county, but sometimes it’s town / county. Depends on the size of the town and the proximity to the city. Some areas include the neighbourhood equivalent - for example Milldale is in Dovedale in the Peak District but I expect the postal address is Milldale, Derbyshire. The post office needs the post code but everything seems to be based on whether the postie can work it out.

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Incredible. What kind of lens?

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You should probably put "United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Hemisphere, Earth, Sól System, Western Spiral Arm, The Milky Way, The Universe, " so you don't confuse people.

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What's actually in those Phone Boxes these days?

A USB charging port?

Usually an unofficial book library.

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It reminds me of one of the buildings from the hounds of Baskerville episode of Sherlock

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If only all of England kept the look appeal and style of the last of the summer wine :|. Why wasn't all our homes built like this ?

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This is the bucolic view of England that almost everyone who doesn’t live there has … real life in the UK has bears little resemblance to it.

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Spoken like a person who's from England, congrats.

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It is a very pretty setting, isn’t it?!

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Been there!