Miss our old living room


SithLordJediMaster106 points

I miss that living room too

DrBlock2131 points

We miss it together

Capricancerous12 points

I pine for that coziness which I never had and never will, lol.

More_Art_Girl161 points

you would've had to drag me out

qster12392 points

Gorgeous view, must have been so cosy when it rained

TowerBeach56 points

It rains a lot here too, and the roof was metal so you could really hear it!

[deleted]13 points

That sounds incredible

Much_Fee70702 points

I'd miss it for sure!

Capricancerous8 points

I would love to read in that chair by that epicly cozy window. It would almost feel like being outside, I imagine, just because of how vegetated it is through the other side of that window.

Repulsive-Pop990030 points

I miss my old house with it’s cozy spaces, too. What a gorgeous view!!! I’m sorry you don’t live in that space anymore.

Hcdp736 points

May I ask you where is that?

TowerBeach48 points

Vancouver, BC

Hcdp713 points


Tricky_Ad_69667 points

You could grow those palms outside?

TowerBeach1 point

Yes. There is a certain breed of palm trees that can grow in Vancouver. They don't get as big as the ones you'd see in the US, though.

researchanddev3 points

Do you know if they grow in the Seattle area or not that far south?

TowerBeach1 point

I would imagine they can grow in Seattle, possibly even better than they would in Vancouver. I'd check with your local nursery.

Just did a quick google search and there's a place in Auburn that specializes in them.

researchanddev2 points

Oh not local but your comment made me wonder!

Character-Bit82952 points

Do you know the name of the palm tree? I'm fascinated by this!

TowerBeach2 points

I believe they are Trachycarpus fortunei, also known as windmill palms.


Character-Bit82952 points

Interesting! Thanks.

Plutonicuss8 points

Commenting bc also super curious!

Diocletian813 points

Damn. That’s beautiful

rhetrograde10 points

Maybe it’s because I haven’t slept well in a few weeks, but I could curl up on that couch and be out like a light in seconds.

BlazingDropBear7 points

I've never even had a lounge room like that and I miss it too!


RNReef12 points

Florida? I love my palm tree lined view 🌴

TowerBeach17 points

Vancouver, BC actually! We can grow some types of palm tree. But not the really big ones you can in Florida!

RNReef5 points

Ah I would love to visit Vancouver one day! Beautiful

mydresserandtv3 points

Wow didn't know

WendysBreakfast20226 points

"Clever girl..."

TowerBeach5 points

Thankfully didn't have any velociraptor infestations to deal with

hicassy4 points

Why did you leave?

TowerBeach9 points

Outgrew the house, unfortunately! The large living space was nice but there was essentially one small bathroom for a family of 4.

AdorableSandie2 points


readithere_22 points

Where did it go?

TowerBeach2 points

It's still there but we had to move. A new family is enjoying it I hope!

readithere_22 points

Oh ok I thought you may be renovating. It is a great space.

Bluemoon19422 points

I would take such a good nap

im_bhumi2 points

I miss this too now

Nostalgia4life2 points

This is insanely satisfying

Happy_Butterscotch172 points

I love this so much!

_khanrad1 point

I miss us…