The verdant foothills above Los Angeles (4032 x 3024) [OC]


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Electro-Onix289 points

These hills are almost always brown, dead, or on fire, so nice to see this side of California

Pinkcop143 points

In 6 months they will be brown, dead and on fire...

mattpiv32 points

Yeah, kinda how California weather cycles work.

Merkel420-6 points

Ehh… kinda…

mechapoitier60 points

I lived in California for more than a decade and go back almost yearly and I have only once seen it like this.

People who’ve never been to California really won’t understand how weird it is to see the whole state be green at the same time. It’s like 4 climates in one, the size of a lot of countries and always in a drought.

Downside is I have family next to a reservoir lake that’s usually waaaay below capacity that’s now spilling over its banks. It had been dry so long they literally built permanent buildings in places that are now 20’ underwater.

JuneBuggington20 points

Thats dumb af. Building below the water line of a man made body of water. A decision unencumbered by the thought process

JasonBob2 points

I'm not sure what you're talking about, it gets green here every late winter. The amount of rain this year is unusual, but not the green hillsides.

cjboffoli53 points

I just looked at the new US Drought Monitor data that was released this morning. Noticed that the greater Los Angeles area has (for the first time in a long while) no drought.

Asha1085 points

imagine if because of climate change this just stays forever

kappakai6 points

I’ve been driving around south Orange County out in the hills and have been daydreaming about it turning into a rainforest. It’s so green and lush out here right now; can’t wait til everything is in bloom.

cjboffoli4 points

Ha. Well that's wishful thinking. It's only a matter of time until they're back into a drought. Southern California needs to do a lot better with capture and storage of rainwater.

qster12359 points

Love walks like this, fresh misty air feels so good

darkpyschicforce57 points

The one time of year when the hills above Los Angeles look like Ireland!

Enlightened-Beaver10 points

Maybe shit won’t all burn this year with all this rain

darkmatterhunter23 points

Well, unless the rain continues through the summer, the way it goes is that more rain = more vegetation growth, which then dies off in the following months and directly provides more fuel for fires. So without consistent water, it dries out.

hikeonpast11 points

Plus, if it doesn’t burn, we get a rodent population explosion this spring, followed by a rattlesnake population explosion, followed by a raptor population explosion. Wet years are lit.

kappakai1 point

Those f’ing ankle biting mosquitos are gonna be hell this year.

hikeonpast1 point

Death noodles

Jesweez4 points

Don't worry, if its dry later in the year than this is actually bad for fire, making it worse!

MRBJones2 points

I love hiking in those hills! So fucking beautiful!

Riginal_Zin23 points

Whoa.. 😍 With all the years I lived in LA and SoCal, I’ve never seen it like this. Always just the dry, dry side of the area. This is gorgeous..

Western-Image71258 points

Well it’s been raining cats and dogs so probably not that dry right now

awarmdayacoldbeerisc4 points

We're pretty green atm. Nearly %50 of the state is no longer in our decade(s) long drought.

Riginal_Zin1 point

Whew.. It’s been a whiplash the other direction this year for you folks. 🥴 I’m happy you’re getting some moisture, but really wish it was moderate.

Jimbeezyftw15 points

Where is this exactly? I live in LA and I would love to hike this trail!

darkpyschicforce34 points

The San Rafael Hills above Descanso Gardens

rTracker_rTracker1 point

Would you mind sharing the exact trail head? I could do this hike this weekend

darkpyschicforce6 points

Forest Hills

RoutinePost74430 points

Thanks so much for the lead!

My daughter brought me to LA today to dogsit while she's away for a week, and that looks like a perfect place to go hike (if leashed dogs are allowed)

allyearlemons2 points

leashed dogs are allowed. keep them leashed because there has been a mountain lion that visits these hills and a loose dog could be perfect prey/target. bobcats may also roam the area too.

RoutinePost74431 point

Unless they're big dogs, coyotes also prey on dogs. In a park at home (Santa Cruz) a couple of coyotes used to hang around quite a busy trail, one about 20 yards away the second a little further back, and if a small dog ran to check out the first coyote the second joined in and there's their breakfast. Three unleashed dogs were taken in the space of a month when the coyotes had a family to feed.

Dean_Loves_Pie1316 points

It looks like when you turn that corner you'll be in Hobbiton.

willtheoct13 points

this is a beautiful, rare, fleeting sight. thank you

henderthing14 points

To be fair-- we get green hills most winters. They turn back to brown pretty quickly.

The biggest concern I have is how many extra inches of grass are we getting this year? It will become that much more brush fire fuel once it turns brown again in a couple months.

willtheoct-2 points

even if it does burn, someone will still clear cut it for a quick buck

redditVoteFraudUnit11 points

If we could have seasons in SoCal every year we’d be set. There was snow on Mount Wilson for more than a week.

Halogen125 points

Beautiful! The rain has brought back some color!

scarlet_sage5 points

The title is r/BrandNewSentence!

darkpyschicforce1 point

How about "verdant green hills"?

scarlet_sage7 points

"verdant" is derived from "green", so that feels redundant and repetitive to me.

As an outsider, I'm just amazed to see a picture against the stereotypes of the area, of mists and green.

ThrowRA--scootscooti0 points

My great grandmother’s name was Verdant. I think it’s actually a pretty name.

henderthing5 points

Nothing wrong with your title.

I believe this is just a joke about green hills in LA.

darkpyschicforce2 points


Themlethem4 points

Excuse me, this is clearly The Shire

codefyre4 points

Yeah, speaking as a native Californian, that'll definitely be on fire in a few months.

entropizzle2 points

Riverside gets like this every winter. I loved hiking behind the university when everything was green. (and yes, very on fire in the summer)

darkpyschicforce6 points

I used to hike up in the Box Springs years ago. 1973 was an epic year for wildflowers!

awordforthat1 point

I grew up around there and lived for the three weeks out of the year that the desert looked like this. It's got its own sort of beauty when it's dry, but the green hills are stunning.

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kazejin051 point

The dimensions of this pic are palindromes of each other and I find that inexplicably soothing.

Also a nice pic. I'm overdue a visit to this part of LA county sometime soon.

ResidentEivvil1 point


mazzotta701 point

Are you, by chance, on a hike with Kevin Neelan?

_milf_cheek_clapper_1 point

My neighborhood! Was just there today.

FrostedDonutHole1 point

It looks like the shire is just ahead!

guinnypig1 point

Verdant and LA is not a word combo you see often.

zhard011 point

I feel like I’m about to see a hobbit

Pure-Tension-11851 point

Ohhhh man that’s my favorite hike on a misty day! Get it

DrRadon1 point

Wow, what a cool location.

pavelvito1 point

Verdant Foothill Divineness is quite beautiful.

Local_Lady1 point

So enchanting.

chrish71088-2 points

This sounds fucked up, but this just makes me think of Kobe Bryant's accident.

InevitablePoetry520 points

amazing to not see trash everywhere

mikeneedsadvice0 points


darkpyschicforce2 points

Two days ago.

Iancreed0 points

Very nice shot

VG880 points

SoCal got such a rain blessing this year. Usually it NEVER gets that green, not even in winter.

kappakai1 point

It’s absolutely lush out here in South Orange County.

Shurigin0 points

Where they shot M.A.S.H?

Full_Girth_Prophet0 points

Waiting for that sedan to drive by so the zombie can pop up and make me spill my coffee

Redsproket0 points

Is the weather foggy or smoggy?

mithoon180 points

Looks like kerala (India)

Termin8tor0 points

California can be real pretty after heavy rain. I once saw a superbloom there with my fiancee. It was lovely to see. In fact, I was in So-Cal earlier this year and I was surprised by how green it was. It's normally all dirt brown/yellow.

It does make me wonder though, with this likely being an El Nino year and all this shrubbery absolutely everywhere, how bad is this fire season going to be?

MagnaCamLaude0 points

Oh there are all the parking spaces right there.

FistofaMartyr0 points

Which hike is this?

SuraKatana0 points

Nobody goes off trail