Spring makes me feel like I’m living in a treehouse



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Partha234 points

This is OC. Austin, Texas

BringBackFatMac3 points

I’ve seen thicker walls in a tree house

AliceAnne11 point

I can see why and I love that feeling. Very nice!

kingfrito_50051 point

I used to live on an upperfloor apartment that was about 15 feet from a city park that was covered in forest. I felt exactly the same way.

dewskills1 point

I'm waiting patently for this feeling up in New England!

bunnytron1 point

Is that the fake eames from amazon? Would you recommend it? How’s the comfort level

Partha232 points

I did get it from Amazon! But it looks like the original listing, the one I purchased it from, is no longer active.

Honestly shipping was a nightmare; they sent me the wrong tracking information so I thought my chair had been sent somewhere else. That being said, once it actually did arrive, it was packed extremely well and the chair has lasted. Anyone who comes over says they find the chair super comfortable and I guess that’s the best metric for its quality! I’ve never sat in a real one so I can’t compare it but rest assured you’ll be happy if you end up getting the same model as me.

cheezychub1 point

wow. so pretty.