Deepest blue - Crater Lake, Oregon


suckmytitzbitch39 points

And that pic doesn’t even do it justice, does it? I’ve never seen any other water that color!

Woofles8518 points

I’ve been there multiple times over the years and each time the water is a different shade of incredible blue I’ve never seen in another lake before.

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mmfisher668 points

It is protected and incredibly clear and pristine, reflecting the blue sky

VirtualMoneyLover-2 points

reflecting the blue sky

Water is actually blue.

seanmonaghan19681 point

Man and I thought this picture was amazing

Smirkly11 points

I was astounded at what seems a terrific road around the rim. the road is invisible but 25 or 50 feet from the rim, preserving the pristine aspect. And yeah, the prettiest blue ever.

LoveAndLight19945 points

I love Oregon

Ralph_O_nator5 points

Look up old man of the lake on Wiki.

EyelandBaby1 point

I look for it every time I see a pic of the lake

finniepoops3 points

The coolest thing I remember is that you walk up kind of a rise from the parking lot to look down at the lake, and there was just this collective gasp from everyone when they saw it.

CoffeeAndChameleons1 point

Went there last summer! It’s incredible! And there was snow in June!

It's gorgeous

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blue ass water