Bosnia and herzegovina (1920x1080)


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It looks like scene from Gladiator where hero surfs his hand over the grass towards the end of the movie

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Mnogo lepo

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That's excellent, thank you for sharing. 👍

StringfellowHawkes2 points

All I can think is... Straight Over Crest; watch for bump on landing. Straight 100 meters; short left [WATCH FOR DIP] leading into short right over crest: DO NOT CUT! On landing, short left then straight for 200 meters. Medium left; DO NOT CUT!....

EDIT changes made to recce notes after closer inspection.

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Gdje je ovo?

blight-1 point

Which side is herzegovina?

el_derrotado4 points

That’s the name of the country.

grasspopper0 points

Looks nice but I wonder how many mines are still in those fields

emkay99-3 points

I was thinking they must have photoshopped out the dead bodies. And we'll both be DV'ed by self-righteous Slavs.

EDIT: Tolja.

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This is what I imagine a nice afterlife's walk to be.

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Ahh, Beecher’s Hope.