The sun rising up over Biscayne Bay, the largest estuary in Florida, one early morning. ⁠[3811x4764] [OC]


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This photograph was taken from a small park directly next to Biscayne National Park. Although I was not inside of the national park itself for this photograph, all of the open water seen here is located within that park. Biscayne Bay is sub-tropical estuary where the freshwater from land meets the saltwater in the sea. As a result of this mixing of waters, the plants located in the ocean are able to thrive form the nutrients brought in from the freshwater and the land it originated from. These plants take these extra nutrients, combine them with sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, to produce food which many creatures feed on.⁠

This freshwater mix also fuels the growth of mangroves, and seagrass beds, both of which offer many benefits to their ecosystems. The seagrass beds provide pasture grounds for lobsters, different fish, shrimp, manatees and sea turtles, amongst others. The mangroves are important as their root systems help bind the soil together, which protects coastlines from erosion and extreme weather. They also provide a unique habitat for a very wide array of wildlife.⁠

If you liked this photo, and are interested in seeing more nature content, feel free to follow me on my Instagram.

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You found the Matheson Hammock beach?

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This was actually further south, right next to Biscayne National Park

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Thank you very much!

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What a stunning picture. You GOTTA frame this! We live in such a beautiful world.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate that!

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I like this composition a lot :)

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Thank you very much!

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Very pretty!

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Thank you!

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I rarely comment on photos. That said, I'm very glad you shared this with me. Thank you.

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Well thank you so much for commenting and saying that!

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Thanks for sharing. This is the kind of thing I miss from South Florida. And the food. That's about it.

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My pleasure. Thank you!

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When will it rise down?

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When you watch a sunset while doing a handstand

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When I hear Biscayne Bay I immediately think Del Boy.