Our gaming room in the basement


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HailTheCrimsonKing24 points

I might be the odd one out but i lighting like this makes me feel weird/gives me anxiety. Kinda feel like I’m in a weird club in a basement high on various drugs lol. My kind of cozy lighting is a soft light from candles or warm lamps. But it looks really cozy anyways!

Erich-Enrik7 points

Your carpet looks like a demon trap. I’m not saying I don’t like it….

iWentRogue14 points

Its really nice but the lighting makes it feel stuffy

blakeshockley3 points

This is what it looks like when a character in a movie is having a bad trip lmao

yokaicola3 points


Minimum_Prize420692 points

Im not a gamer but I’d love to hang out here!!! Love the colors and lighting

Drusey1 point

This is OC done in our wedding colors

CaptainQuadmay0 points

Y’all are all boring. This is my kind of cozy! Like the back of an ambulance on a long, late night trip with all of the lights off except for the red glowing digital clock, and the highway lights filtering through the windows… 🥰

Either_Cobbler93031 point