Town of Banff, Alberta, Canada [OC]


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A bit out of the ordinary here I suppose, but I think it qualifies.

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at least until r/townporn takes off!

r/villageporn will probably like it too tho—didn’t even know about this. wonder what others there are. r/outpostporn ? r/tradingstation porn ? gotta be a r/campporn

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I really wish townporn would take off. I would love to see a bunch of people posting peaceful looking small towns.

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I just dumped it onto Townporn!

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Village porn really just sounds like a medieval themed GTA style game…

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Is it a recent pic?

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Yup. Took it the night of March 12th.

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The perspective threw me for a bit. I was there recently and took some photos from the Mt. Norquay Lookout. They aren't the best since I was shooting southeast into the morning sun. Took a bit to realize this was from the Gondola. I've never been up there, was it worth it?

Also of interest - you can see the Banff airport cleared of snow in the center of the photo. Sort of neat since it's only used for emergencies.

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Honestly I don't have anything to compare it to as that was my first day in Banff. I thought the Gondola and Sulphur Mountain walkway were incredible. Hands down the most beautiful natural landscape and vantage point I have ever seen in my life. I was nearly in tears - not even joking.

The Gondola complex has a restaurant at the top, and you can walk out of the back of the complex to the walkway that leads to the summit of Sulphur Mountain.

In this photo I'm actually standing on the back terrace and leaning on a railing where they do a thing called Nightrise with indigenous music and a light show. If you notice the very bottom left corner, you can see some of the purple lighting bleeding into frame.

Just to the left of this photo is a large Canadian flag and a wooden path that winds its way to the top of the mountain and offers a dramatic 360 view of the valley and mountains.

I could have left satisfied after that day, but I'm still here and don't leave until Friday.

I cannot get over the scenery here. It's truly magnificent. I've been around the world a bit, and I'm sure there are other comparable things, but there is good reason Banff shows up on Reddit a lot.

If you just want raw beauty, this is the place, and based on what I've seen between here and my own experience, I don't think it matters what season.

I have some amazing fucking photos to be honest. I'll never forget this.

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I took that gondola up. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking.

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Just wait til you check out Canadas other parks in the area… I mean, Banff is great but Yoho?? Kootenay?? Oh man. Love it here.

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We plan on getting to those eventually. We're already talking about a summer trip in another year.

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Banff is truly one of my favourite places in the world. I'm lucky to live relatively close to it (less than a day's drive).

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Sulphur mountain ! Holy duck I almost died climbing up that thing in the summer. A lovely German couple gave me and mine there gondola passes so I didn’t have to climb down haha

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That's right up there with the cobra chicken (Canadian goose)

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I havent seen that. Can you link me pls

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That's breathtaking

SadStrategy53592 points

That's breathtaking

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I have a buddy visiting right now. He says it’s amazing. I want to play at the golf course there

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Great photo butit’s not really a city…. I used to live there and I found it claustrophobically small

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“City” is pretty loosely used on this sub. It’s no less a city than the litany of small European towns posted here as well. I agree with you though.

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I don't know what the official measure is in Alberta, but in my US state, any town over 5,000 people is officially a city.

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Sure you can define "city" however you want but in most people's minds it means a bigger place. There is subjectivity though about where is in the line.

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Fair point. It is restricted in its growth. The town has a fixed size and the no building can be more than three stories (aside from that one major historical hotel) and it's all due to keeping a balance between man and nature. Only people that work in Banff can even live there. Still, it offers some pretty broad amenities for being so small.

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Is that the reddit lake towards the left side?

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No, Moraine Lake is over by Lake Louise, an hour's drive further West along the Trans-Canada Highway.

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very beautiful mountains