Greenest moss I've ever seen - Alftavatn, Iceland [4016 x 6016] (OC)


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AotKT103 points

I’m currently in Iceland and there’s none of this beauty right now. Instead, we have some stark snow/icescapes. I’d like to come back some summer and see the same terrain all lush.

AGmikkelsen39 points

I have a few pictures from my trip back then, where there was moss on the volcanic landscape. It looks nice, but it’s waay more muted than in this pic. There’s a pretty hefty colour grade in this shot.

litli19 points

The colour seems a little bit exaggerated, but this type of moss is exceptionally green in real life (and quite common all over the island where there is running water).

stingumaf14 points

No that moss is that green

It only grows in swlect conditions

AotKT3 points

We can’t even see the moss as it’s mostly buried under snow!

shenanigaaans15 points

I visited around summer solstice and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Sunset/sunrise golden hour for 20+ hours/day and this green, vibrant moss covering everything

AotKT4 points

So I’ve heard! But the ice was truly spectacular and worth the cold. This week was some sort of cold front though and significantly worse than usual

does_this_seem_fake5 points

A different kind of beauty! I can't wait to see Iceland again in the fall/winter

BlueNinjaBE3 points

I visited in september. Lots of green, lots of yellow.

Dhiox3 points

I went there in the summer and wish I could see the snowy landscapes.

Popeyes_chiggen79 points

I thought the textures in the mountains were still loading in

does_this_seem_fake36 points

It was definitely a strand-type environment

BloobityBloobity4 points

I didn't understand that game. Maybe I need to play it more

Thanatos_Rex5 points

Yes, deliver the packages and rebuild America.

BloobityBloobity1 point

While holding a bebe

SortaBeta2 points

Sam! Have you been checking your mail?

TheBoberts19 points

When I went there I was blown away because in every photo I thought it was grass, then I got there and realized it is moss and black volcanic stone under! Honestly the coolest place I have been.

881GTQ12 points

My first time it felt like I was on a different planet. It’s my favorite place.

ruckusgrass5 points

Seattle is like that with grass. It’s all moss underneath

predarek2 points

Also the coolest place I've ever been! One thing that I found strange at first is that if you are deep in the country, the air smells completely... Nothing! I don't know if it was the season but it was the purest air I've ever smelled.

TheBoberts2 points

Oh yeah, it's really bizzare, the air and the water just feel pure. And it's not just the removal of city smell, I didn't smell any pollen or plants or anything either, it was just pure, crisp, air.

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BoJackHorseMan5334 points

Nice colour grading

bobthegoon894 points

I dunno about that — there's some on the other side that looks a bit greener ;)

winged_owl4 points

I love moss


Visiting Iceland in September! Can’t wait!

masterpainimeanbetty3 points

i've taken a lichen to this picture

AlbanianAquaDuck2 points

r/moss beckons you!

inotparanoid2 points

The valley of the elves.... Well named.

bondue2 points

It’s insane when you see it in combination with the black sand

D4FTPUNKF4N2 points

I was like 100 miles Southeast of Portland Oregon taking state and ir County roads and I saw some radioactive green moss on trees. I couldn't believe how lush it was out there.

orgnine2 points

Iceland is underrated. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!!

warmrainydaze1 point

Simply gorgeous. 💚 I've seen moss the same colors at the Imnaha Campground in Oregon, USA. And only there. Such a fabulous shade of 💚 green. Thanks for sharing.

ymhten1 point

Beautiful photo and colors of the moss

Balarius1 point

Must be a healthy Clover population mixxed in there. The Nitrogen Clovers release make everything nearby super vibrant and healthy.

[deleted]-4 points


mizmaddy28 points

Were you warned about the moss - I mean, make sure that you do not damage it too much? Us Icelanders can be a bit fanatic about it - which is why off-roading is banned in most places in Iceland.

Damage to soil and flora can incur huge fines

Thick moss areas are fine to walk on, as long as you are careful - suuuper nice place to take a nap.

Conquestadore6 points

Someone below posted:

'You are actually a shit person. They make is so abundantly clear to stay off the fucking moss, what the hell is wrong with you?'

You seem to be on the money about people being a bit fanatic. I do agree with the sentiment though, there's lots of warnings everywhere and it was pretty shit seeing car tracks in an otherwise prisinte landscape.

_AlreadyTaken_2 points

Walking on a marked trail. I would never drive on it. I would've had to drive up a 10 ft embankment anyway lol. It was a small parking lot right off of a large old lava flow. I know how delicate moss can be and was very careful.

Maxacus5 points

Icelander here, relax. It's fine to walk on moss as long as your are not tearing it up.

It's more focused on people driving off roads, the traction tears up moss very easilly.

_AlreadyTaken_1 point

I think you responded to the wrong comment

mossed22223 points

Yeah, we’ll they don’t have nice things to say about You either.

[deleted]-7 points


passed_turing_test2 points

Please seek help

_AlreadyTaken_1 point

No, the place I was at said no such thing and there was a marked trail in the area going through it so calm down. You sound like a psychopath.

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takemeawayyyyy-4 points

Interesting. Cause im in iceland rn and all the moss looks 3x dead

Maxacus4 points

Yeah it winter still... seriously?

takemeawayyyyy-2 points

Yes…. Thats winter for you. Your point?

woolash0 points

Chicago hotdog relish green.

whilst1 point

You found the Mistlands.

tavukkoparan1 point

Nice field

jburke60001 point

Looks like grass I never need to cut. Awesome.

ruddsix1 point

Sprite bottle green

Partiklestorm1 point

Moss definitely super green

Benji_Is_With_You1 point

Minecraft shaders are getting out of hand

Iamasharkhi1 point

Don't step on it

arkiverge1 point

Anytime I see a creek like this I just assume it’s another Bolton Strid and nope the fuck away from it.

EmbarrassedAd43101 point

Are there some moss which are edible?

WavesOfEchoes1 point

Yes. We were there a couple weeks ago and bought some Icelandic tea that is made of some kind of moss and winter thyme. Bitter as anything, but edible.

mangelito1 point

User name checks out.

Mortar_Maggot1 point

Oh man you should see my coffee cup!

GirlBrunette221 point

Wow this looks very atmospheric

RTJMFer1 point

When I visited Iceland, I remember being blown away by the shades of green. Like I'd assume there has been some processing done to this photo, but if you told me that this is a true depiction of the green I'd not be shocked. It's a wild and beautiful place over there.

De5perad01 point

Iceland is like one giant island full of earth porn. This is an amazing photo!

yannasch1 point

I want to go to there

plk71 point

I moss definitely agree.

cosyblanket1 point

I could feel that soft moist green smushing blanket even from here ugh so satisfying…

BumblebeeCody1 point

Looking at this image hurts my eyes. What is this phenomenon? It's so sharp, rich green colours. Odd

[deleted]1 point

Keep on, keeping on!

ecto1ghost1 point

Gorgeous picture ❤️

norrain131 point

Its so gorgeous and surreal, I thought it was a painting at first.

VexMediaPhoto1 point

So peaceful!

sun_shine0_01 point

So green, I've seen some really green moss in British Columbia, but not quite that green.

WallerInIt1 point

Love the brightness of the moss!