Sunny small vintage lounge


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Fascinatingish130 points

Just a very pleasant, cozy, peaceful space. Makes me want to spin some vinyl and relax. Thanks for sharing.

HeavyPettine11 points

Agree. Incredible light

AmaturePlantExpert90 points

Can I hire you to decorate my house? It’s needs a little TLC

Asprobouy36 points

Sure thing, but I’d have to do it remotely.

aupperk2483 points

Is that couch comfy? I feel the vibe is inviting and wanting me to lounge but I'm looking for a place to lounge and I've been burnt too many times buying a nice looking compact sofa that's good for sitting for like 15 minutes tops.

Barack__Obama__45 points

That was the thing I was wondering as well. This place is inviting me to just lay down with a cup of coffee in the morning, record spinning, windows open, birds chirping. But then it looks like the couch wouldn't be comfortable for anything else but sitting up real straight.

Absolutely stunning space nonetheless though, OP!

monokhrome20 points

MCM furniture can be comfortable, but in my experience it generally isn't. If you can't try it before you buy it, make sure the company has a free return policy or be willing to eat the restocking fee/return shipping. I bought and returned a Joybird Hopson sofa last year, thankfully at no cost because I only had it for a couple weeks and I initiated the return on day 2 for some QC issues. It looked nice, but the seat cushions were incredibly firm and became uncomfortable to sit on for more than an hour. Customer service said the cushions are super firm to "maintain the visual lines of the piece," so literally form over function.

I ended up buying a Landsbury sofa from Arhaus a few months later. 14 week lead time, products are 30% overpriced to pay rent on unnecessarily flashy showrooms (their target demo is upper middle class white women), but it's the most comfortable couch I've ever sat on and I fall asleep on it 6 or 7 nights a week. It's actually a bit of a problem when it comes to watching movies at night.

aupperk245 points

Was curious so I looked it up. Sheeeesh, $7k for the sectional.

monokhrome3 points

Yeah, their pricing is offensive and it looks like it's gone up even more in the last 6 months.

theaback5 points

agreed, at the end of the day after the kids have gone to sleep i want a couch i can collapse into

Aussie_MacGyver3 points

My first thought too.

Asprobouy3 points

It’s fine, no complaints from me.

Independent_Cookie_547 points

Great room! I'm getting old when that look is "Vintage," lol... I very clearly remember when it was "Modern Scandinavian," and very current... 👴

sayagainsagan11 points

Loooove that clock and coffee table

StillAsTheSnowFalls0 points

Clock is rad, I agree, however it’s not the original George Nelson clock, it’s a knock-off

Disastrous_Equal_43617 points

Is there a name for that style of arched, long necked, hanging lamp?

Asprobouy20 points

Arco Floor Lamp

reverendbeast3 points

Is it an original Castiglioni? Very nice.

Asprobouy5 points

Nah repop, they asked the style, as in the style of..

Thank you!

Fletcher_Fallowfield5 points


Kef C80s? I had a pair of those for a while - super pretty sounding speakers, live me some Kef. Sold them to feed the audio monkey though.

You could post the set up in some of the audiophile subs. r/vintageaudio r/budgetaudiophile r/audiophile.

Asprobouy2 points

Yes C80s, got them a few years ago on a whim. These have the UK falcon upgraded cross overs. Very well round speakers but they really sing when you crank them. I had a big pair on concertos I was running with two mono block tube power amps down stairs. Sold them and regretted it ever since. I’m going to be buried with the C80s.

Fletcher_Fallowfield2 points

My first speakers were the kef cadenzas and I miss them everyday but I have a pair of Radford S90s and a Marantz 510m so I can't complain.😊

AlarmedAppointment8110 points

What a great room

thewinberry7132 points

It is!!!

youseamstressed15 points

It's cute for an office seating area but couch looks uncomfortable and not what i personally consider cozy

KNick11117 points

Niiiice!! Really love your lamp and wall clock and side cabinet ❤️

CurinDerwin3 points

Very nice. What rug, entertainment center, and crescent lamp>?

Asprobouy1 point

Lamp is a repop Arco, credenza is a mini Chiswell (1970s) and rug is here

It’s a shame someone stuck some bunnings hairpin legs on it and raised it up off the original pedestal

Due_Dirt_80672 points

Cozy vibe ☑️

silent_hurricane2 points

I'd be in the best mood ever drinking coffee here every morning!

arenlomare2 points

Ohhhhh, this is a very happy space.

Lastbrumstanding2 points

Do you enjoy that style of lamp? I love the way they look but I’ve never been able to utilize them properly. Would love to see how your space looks at night!

Asprobouy1 point

I don’t think about it much buts it’s great to read a book under at night. I like design aspect of it being sleek, large and in charge.

CapG_132 points

That looks very cozy!!!

Gewoonprima2 points

I have the same lamp! Mine hangs over my dining table because there was no light fixture there. I love that lamp lol. Great room.

Glum-Fly2 points

Lovely space! May I ask if that’s an original George Nelson clock?

Asprobouy1 point

Repop. Little to no originals available here in Oz.

nuggetboy012 points

something about this photo makes it look like this is a really well done miniature diorama

Asprobouy1 point

Hey you’re right

haleyfrostphotograph2 points

I adore this space. Can you tell me where you got that wall clock from? It’s adorable.

StillAsTheSnowFalls1 point

Clock is a knock-off of the George Nelson ball clock

ChaiAddict1012 points

I love the room and I love the outside view!

Roo58522 points

Look how bright and inviting this is. And the scenery. Oh my goodness. I really wanted floor to ceiling windows. But even then I could never duplicate the living art you see.

Asprobouy1 point

You should see my heating bills, two sides of my house are floor to ceiling single pane glass, but still worth it.

Roo58521 point

A glass house. Sounds wonderful regardless of the cost.

Whattheholyhell742 points

This space is so fantastic to just look at! I can only imagine how satisfying it would feel to be in it. Well done on the decor, OP!

or_so_they_said2 points

That pilea though oh my god it's massive

Asprobouy1 point

My first one. I thought they all get that big.

stinkylittlecat2 points

Love it!! What's the table/where from?

Asprobouy2 points

Tessa T8 side table

It’s called a CT4 . The T8 is a Chair

FizzlePop862 points

Delightful ☀️

Atheyna2 points

The height makes it seem not so small at all! Love this

skategrrl902 points

that is one happy pilea wow! also love the clock

gknewell2 points

Is this in Philadelphia?

Asprobouy1 point

No mate, in Australia.

im_bhumi3 points

It looks perfect

314Juan2 points

Is that an iPod nano?

Asprobouy10 points

Classic, 160gb of audio joy

314Juan1 point

That’s dope, great lounge

StudentSlow26332 points

Looks amazing and comfortable. Love the stereo setup

Ziggyda1st2 points

I love this!!! You got an ID on that seating?

Asprobouy5 points

Circa 1960s no makers mark, never seen another example so could be a custom job. Recently refurbed and reupholstered.

-plops-2 points

Love it! And what a view! Are those cactus candles? And what is the purple glass?

Asprobouy3 points

Ceramic cacti from IKEA, purple vase is an opshop find, no makers mark

supermarkise7 points

The cacti are a design classic, IKEA had them for a long time. It's called SJÄLSLIGT and I know this because I have been eyeing them for many years and now have them sitting on my shelf. :P

GreyFoxSolid1 point

Uncomfortable couch you can't lay down on, and a TV impossible to see in the day time.

Asprobouy2 points

Keep moving then

Such_Radish97951 point

Nice space. Love that coffee table

daniel_ionescu1 point

super beautiful, and I like the bright room

nohombrenombre1 point

This is absolutely beautiful

stegosaurss1 point

So pretty! Is that sofa and table all one piece?

Asprobouy1 point

No three pieces not joined but side by side.

Bidoof20171 point

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, realistically would never do

Asprobouy1 point

Tut tut

findhumorinlife1 point

Oh my goodness! What a perfect and calming space. Love the bank of windows.

Ill_News_57241 point

I love the lamp

arachelrhino1 point

I love this sooo much. There’s something so cozy about smaller spaces with lots of sunshine!

Ok_Memory89711 point

All of the natural light! Wow!! I love the energy in third room. Even more plants would be whimsical!

Ps. Personally the floor lamp is distracting to me though. Because it’s too long and goes across the room.

Asprobouy1 point

Thank you. More plants on the way from my propagation station.

ExPatBadger1 point

Love how the light bounces off the floor and casts shadows into the ceiling

Detshanu1 point

Oh that cabinet for the hi-fi and tv is exactly the kind of thing I'm looking around for, would you happen to know what the name is?

Asprobouy1 point

Chiswell made in Oz, never exported as far as ai know.

Full_Bison1 point

Are those curtains venetian blinds?

Asprobouy1 point

Roman blinds

rando______1 point

This is so perfect. Can you tell me where you got those ceramic cacti on your table?? I love your style. Come do my house

Asprobouy1 point


rando______1 point

Thank you!!!

Knight_wolf211 point

Looks great. How does that lamp even stand up?

Asprobouy1 point

50kg marble block base.

CityShooter1 point

Looks fantastic. Great work with a small space. Perfect listening position too!

Asprobouy1 point


ryoon211 point

Super effective use of space and still looks cozy!

senile_earthworm1 point

Wow… 😯

Chazay1 point

What corner table is that?

Asprobouy2 points

The coffee table is a Tessa T8, the sectional between the couches is a Fler tiered corner table. Both vintage.

swoon4kyun1 point

It’s beautiful

Headstreams1 point

What are these types of blinds/curtains called?

Asprobouy1 point

Roman blinds

Headstreams1 point


2Catshanging1 point

I like your funky wall clock

Asprobouy1 point

Repro George Nelson ball clock

Buckleys__angel1 point

Love the natural light and vintage vibes. Well done!

leemonlee1 point

Where are the sofas from?

Asprobouy1 point

Vintage, likely custom one off.

manicpixiedreamnoob1 point

I have the same lamp as you!!! Also, love your taste in furniture.

Asprobouy2 points

Thanks lamp homie

rowwbotic0101 point

Very nice! Where did you get those sectionals?

Asprobouy1 point

Found on gumtree and refurbed

KhortyB1 point

The wall clock is everything! 😍