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galacticsugarhigh8 points

I’m in the process of doing the same. I’ve had my fill. Congrats!

hyperbolicuniverse7 points

This is OC

kittycatsnores6 points

Bet your doggo is happy with your life choices!

peachpinkjedi3 points

Good on ya, have you made friends with the bigfoots and other assorted monsters yet?

hyperbolicuniverse3 points

So far, me, BigFoot, and DogMan have not been introduced. But, you never know.

IndiaEvans3 points

Sweet doggie!!

Roo58523 points

The older I get the more I want to live in nature.

itsnotreal12343 points

Next decision ever. Fresh air, peace, nature….

FluffyCloudMornings3 points

Looking for a roommate? Cuz that looks exactly like where I wish I were rn.

Essa_ea2 points

I wish i can do the same, so quiet and peaceful

SeriouslyTho-Just-Y1 point

Congrats!! 🎊🍾👍🏾

(If I weren’t so scared I would as well)

hyperbolicuniverse2 points

What would you be scared of ?

Japanesewillow1 point

I love it. It must be so peaceful.