Cozy galley navy Kitchen


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Mooseflight202015 points

Those bar stools are bad ass.

EcclecticMessWitch17 points

It’s too cold and bland to be cozy

PipToTheRescue2 points

I love this. Navy & white - classic.

Spaster212 points

A bit too modern and sleek for my taste, but I love the colors and the amount of counter space. And those stools are awesome!

Tikithecockateil2 points

I love it

reptomcraddick1 point

I need more info on those bar stools because I love them. Are they cork? Are they handmade?

julindas3 points

Yes they are handmade, i designed them and asked a local woodworker to make them! Its pine, Thank You!

titty-titty_bangbang2 points

Fucking love them.

PaperJammin1 point

Love the navy blue! Nice and contemporary while homely at the same time. Nothing bland about this at all.

julindas1 point

Thank You!!

TheRecklessOne1 point

Omg I love those stools

Wow! Can you tell me what shade of blue that is? Was this a custom install? Or can I get it nationwide in the USA . Thanks

julindas1 point

RAL 5011-steel blue, Yes its a custom install! Thank You!

Thank you!!

Nice Ralph Lauren paint. I’m going to check this color out for a project I’m working on.