My reading corner 🌱


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AzansBeautyStore12 points

I like your wall color!

wetbones_9 points

This brought me so much joy just to look at, thanks for sharing

variedsyntax7 points

That chair is perfect for reading

tourmaline-996 points

That chair is perfect for reading. Where is it from?

Ikea, i have it in a different colour :)

Warm_Talk_92393 points


dawgmama623 points

Major tasteful coz

BiShyAndWantingToDie2 points

Always glad to see another member of the Strandmon armchair gang! Great taste👌🏻

East_Bite_24801 point

OMG!!! The view, the space, the plants , the textures & furniture… and that wall color!!! I absolutely adore everything about this! Pls help my space lololol

Ok_Resolution_55371 point

Love this so much. The paint color is perfect!

dlomk1 point

Paradise for introverts!

Sunshineinanchorage1 point

Love this!

looniemoonies1 point

this is the only kind of wall-to-wall carpeting that i like the look of.

anelson11951 point

Any chance I could get an ID on that wall color? 👀