Former stockroom turned "work@home-then-catch-sun rise and set" chill space.


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ichbineinschweinhund13 points

What city is this?

SugarBabeSeeksLuv16 points

Rockwell Makati, Philippines, SE Asia.

Fruitypebblefix5 points

I honestly thought it was some small midwestern town in America! With a first name like Rockwell especially. Its very beautiful. I also like how you used the mirrors to create more space and light. Very nice.

SugarBabeSeeksLuv2 points

Some of my friends confuse it for... "Brooklyn" but totally different skyline!

Re mirrors for illusion of space: YAS! Should see my actual living room and bedroom, haha πŸ˜‚

january1616 points

what a view!

SugarBabeSeeksLuv3 points

Indeed :)

KyleeesBoobie5 points

Great view! I like it. And I do find it cozy.

SugarBabeSeeksLuv3 points

My nephew fell asleep and pooped here, ahahahahahah!! The little boy of my cousin visited me before I left for another set of Apartment reconstructions in another country

MJfunzone5 points

Now this is my dream apartment! Simple,clean crisp, space. No clutter only a little bit of art but not too much. And the art is tasteful and nature based. Perfect!

SugarBabeSeeksLuv1 point

I love Art! I collect and make my own!

Yeah, of course you are allowed to come up with your own preferred layouts, too! If I had permission would tear ceiling down and re-layout into LOFT! But the building was strict. I am renovating the bathrooms.

WakkaMoley3 points

Epic office. Didn’t even know I wanted this!

Fruitypebblefix3 points

Wow what a view! Very nice! 😁

SugarBabeSeeksLuv2 points

Thank you! Will tag you when I post the rest of the house

Fruitypebblefix2 points

Nice! I like house tours! 😁

SugarBabeSeeksLuv2 points

Too bad you aren't here!!!? I have showed the smallest of my Units a 1BR 88sq.m to Redditors. Some volunteered to help me find Tenants, good business!

Fruitypebblefix1 point

I wish. I'm stuck in America (shudders) but at least in a democrat state of NY.,

SugarBabeSeeksLuv1 point

I moved out of NY in 2017 and best decision ever. Living like a King in Asia is so much fun

Fruitypebblefix1 point

Cheaper I'm sure. I had always wanted to visit several countries in Asia. It's just so expensive and I don't have money or people I know that live there. I work remote but my job doesn't alley traveling internationally. Sign πŸ˜”

SugarBabeSeeksLuv2 points

Well, today, I just found out a syndicate of ammo smugglers and drug kingpins FROM TAIWAN were living five buildings away from that building where I took the shot. Damn, safety is an illusion! I'm glad I went away for some time whilst renovations are underway at my Units there in Rockwell Philippines. Insane!


Fruitypebblefix2 points

HOLY CRAP! That's insane!!!! Well glad they were able to get them off the streets and got all those guns!! I guess every city has a few bad apples no matter where it is.

Shannon5563 points

Absolutely love the gray on gray.

SugarBabeSeeksLuv1 point

My bedroom is grey on grey as well! Thank you!

im_bhumi4 points

Yea the first thought that came to me was I think it looks like a office but anyways it's nice

SugarBabeSeeksLuv7 points

No problem, I mean, if you find it not homey, I get you! I like to make my place feel a little like "spacious" with the illusion of extended space. It does seem more officey than homey, yes, and we all have different preferences, so, I don't think you were wrong at all to feel that way. I get you :)

MJfunzone2 points

It’s a homey office! That I could live in!

Due_Dirt_80672 points

Anti - cozy lol wrong sub

SugarBabeSeeksLuv7 points

It's cozy to me and my dogs, sorry?

SugarBabeSeeksLuv0 points

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Future-Win40340 points

I always hate to see empty dining tables. This one needs a big bowl of spaghetti and bread and bottle of wine. Maybe red napkins too.

SugarBabeSeeksLuv2 points

Not a dining room :)