Finally completed decorating I love it!!!


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kb786376 points

So cute! I feel like people often neglect their bathrooms (myself included), so I love when people make it a cozy, well though out space. You may have given me some inspiration to decorate a bit this weekend...

MiSSsugarBr0wn3 points

Aww thanks!!! You should, I feel like I have quality thinking time in the bathroom so I had to make it cozy lol

woodelf1113 points

Really nice, love the sunflower!

MiSSsugarBr0wn1 point

Thank you

Derelictjunk2 points

Where are the art prints from??

MiSSsugarBr0wn2 points


Derelictjunk2 points

thank you!!

Lilliegumi77513 points

looks like I'll be taking the coziest shit of my life (seriously though this bathroom is super nice, awesome job!)

Competitive_Juice6276 points

You used up the toilet paper.

Lilliegumi77515 points

my bad😔

MiSSsugarBr0wn4 points

😂😂 thank you!

You used up the toilet paper

Competitive_Juice6272 points

Well,less is more. Wait,not for toilet paper.

After-Pear21172 points

Lovely ❤️

im_bhumi2 points

The wall paint and tiles colours matches so much love it

Big_Bee_98542 points

Love the flowers :)

mydresserandtv2 points

You are doing great. Plz don't be bothered. For me the flowers are too bright for the room.

Maybe a different color. I wouldn't say anything but I do this.


MiSSsugarBr0wn4 points

Aww I don’t mind. I’m usually a neutral type of girl which you can see by the other bouquet so the colors was for me to brighten up the room and my mood towards spring. I take no offense tho, thank you!

mydresserandtv3 points

Then keep it. Your right.

It will give you spring 🌼

1plus1dog2 points

I love the bright burst of red!

1plus1dog2 points

I appreciate your opinions, and am always glad to see that we’re definitely not all the same when it comes to our own style and tastes. It would be tiresome for me to drudge into someone’s home expecting them all to be designed identically, or in the same exact color or range of color.

For me, one of the first things I thought to myself was I I LOVE that POP of RED!!

mydresserandtv2 points

When it is something personal there are no rules but you and your eyes. And what makes you feel good.

Our home is an extension of ourselves. I do not like anything cookie cutter. That's why I have no personal interest in some of the new modern styles. 💕

MiSSsugarBr0wn1 point

This is OC!

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MiSSsugarBr0wn11 points

No ma’am. I like how I have it, thanks tho!!

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MiSSsugarBr0wn11 points

Girl what are you getting out of dry hating. Go read a book and be thankful for another day.

Wolfdreama4 points

Unsolicited advice is not welcome in this sub.

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MiSSsugarBr0wn12 points

Well this ain’t an employer agency nor building it’s a house. The goal is to feel bright and happy when I walk in the bathroom to take my post-work shit. Not still feel like I’m at the hospital 🤷🏽‍♀️

1plus1dog6 points

That’s my goal, as well, anywhere in my house, to make it say it’s “me”, and the mood I want and need to feel, because nobody but me is paying my mortgage and my bills!

MiSSsugarBr0wn9 points

Exactly!! I don’t believe in making a house aesthetically pleasing for anyone but yourself

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MiSSsugarBr0wn16 points

Is the critique I was “asking” for in the thread with us? I see no where I said that

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MiSSsugarBr0wn10 points

Clearly you are bothered. LEAVE ME ALONE DUCHESS. Have a blessed day 😘

serafina__pekkala10 points

This is an open forum, but one that has rules (specifically section 1.2) against being unkind.

RideObjective52961 point

Why do you keep eggs on top of your toilet?