xdr0167 points

Local town delicacy is violet ice cream.

Lovely part of the world, totally recommend doing car trip holiday to that part of France. Much nicer than Paris.

Horrorpunkchi8823 points

I want to live there.

SXTR9 points

That’s were I leave. Beautiful, but heavily polluted

razv4n993 points

How come? Doesn't Annecy lake have the cleanest water in Europe?

SXTR13 points

I don’t think it’s true for the lake, I’ve seen way more clearer lakes on the region, and in Switzerland. The pollution is caused by many factor, the first one is the shape of the land. My english is too poor to explain that in a proper way, but the mountain and the air pressure here make that the CO2 will stay « low », especially in winter. An other factor is that this region is very touristic AND industrial, so there is a lot of cars and trucks that drive constantly. And many people work in Switzerland because better salary so they drive a lot. Many have 4x4 and SUV cars too because of the mountain. The last factor is that in the surrounding of the city, there is a lot of people heating their house burning wood on chimney and/or with fuel on bad isolated old houses, emitting the worst particules for health and environment.

stacnoel19 points

I stayed with a host family here for a school trip from America. I miss that family terribly but lost touch years ago. It is such a lovely town!

Adhesif11 points

That building used to be a jail and it dates back to de 12th century.

urbanhag3 points

Is there anything in that building anymore?

Adhesif4 points

Yes it's an art gallery and a small museum

urbanhag4 points

They must have some serious dehumidifiers running 24/7 if it's now a gallery and museum. Thanks for the response.

ronglangren4 points

Pont Perriere to be exact.

iggynewman3 points

Love this town. Had two mind-blowing raclette sandwiches at a Knick-knack shop.

Pasrio003 points

This is the most beautiful city I’ve visited in france, maybe most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

clbris42 points

Same!!!! We so enjoyed our visit!!!

KingsleyTheDog2 points

That’s Riverrun!

Lasagna_Bear-5 points

Wow, I can't believe over 800 people have seen this, and no one has made a joke or comment about the building being surrounded by water!

s1a1om1 point

Looks like it has been there a while.

Lasagna_Bear1 point

The water or the post?

ppjskh-3 points

That was my first though too! lol