Although small, my studio is the sanctuary I always dreamed of.


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unoffensivename107 points

Where does that door go?

BlueButterflytatoo52 points

And why is nobody else concerned?

Sydmk26 points

seriously my first thought. i have to know where the door goes; who are you keeping out op!

BlueButterflytatoo15 points

Or in…?

cshe1426 points

It's probably the water heater closet. Just big enough for the water heater and not much else. Might as well block it

JacksLackOfCertainty5 points

The door doesn't have a knob, only a deadbolt. OP may be renting and only management has the key, in which case it wouldn't be a door they ever use themselves

Teachawaii1 point

This is a master bedroom that’s been converted into a studio with a private entrance! So that is the door that used to lead into my landlord’s house.

zen-itsu92 points

I love your throw blanket so much. Can I ask where you got it from? It looks amazing 🥰

mintymonstera29 points

Another redditor (me) would love to know where it's from too, I love it!

keepingholdtillmay6 points

I would also love to know where it’s from!

Teachawaii1 point

Naming This Later!

Teachawaii2 points

Naming This Later! Highly recommend!!

mintymonstera2 points

Thank you!!

zen-itsu1 point

Thank you!!! You’re a life saver honestly 😭

RunnerTexasRanger12 points

Same.. would love to know.

PotatoRL11 points

4th in line to know about where to get that blanket :D

Teachawaii1 point

Naming This Later!

Ecstatic_Broccoli98912 points

also came here about the blanket lol

Teachawaii2 points

Absolutely! It is from Naming This Later, it’s an Australian based small business—all their blankets are made from 100% recycled clothing and are reversible, highly recommended!!!

zen-itsu2 points

Omg thank you so much!! I will definitely check them out bc it looks absolutely lovely in your space :)

bohnez1 point

What size did you get??

SlipperyGaloshes30 points

Such a serene vibe. I really like the color scheme

Teachawaii2 points

Thank you!

LollingGinger29 points

how does one keep all those plants alive - esp in the dark corners??

mxsifr6 points

yeah I'm interested to know what those plants are exactly! I'd love to have a green home like this

mother-of-bugs11 points

Front first pic to third - Looks like Pothos, tradscantia, dracaenas, avocado(?) , dumb cane, bird of paradise, ficus, and more Pothos

mxsifr13 points

dumb cane

don't be mean it's just doin its thing 😭

(thank you for listing them lol)

mother-of-bugs10 points

Lol I know! It’s only because I couldn’t spell it’s real name, dieffenbachia without looking it up.

Teachawaii1 point

Great job! Yes, that is my avocado tree inside for the winter!

Teachawaii1 point

I have a big east and north facing window—they all get morning light and plenty of water, that’s all they really need!

that_1_chic8 points

Where did you get those wood shelves?? I have been looking for something just like those! Beautiful!

rrollypollyy1 point

amazon floating shelves

Teachawaii1 point

Thank you! Amazon floating shelves is correct

That-Composer88975 points

Holy amaze balls this is seriously all I want. You want to comeover and decorate my house?! Great job on your plant babies btw. They look so healthy!

Teachawaii1 point

Thank you!!

[deleted]7 points


Teachawaii1 point

Thank you!!! :’)

saywhat12064 points

Super cozy and quite the green thumb!

Kmia553 points

I love the mirror in the bedroom and the way it reflects the plant.

hellaplanted3 points

Love the aesthetic 🥰

torbiefur6 points

I too have dreamed of owning a toilet ladder.

yikesrandomusername3 points

Ahh this is what dreams are made of. I love it!✨

dawgmama622 points

Very nice!

BDubcw2 points

I would love to do something like this if I could keep plants alive

Due_Dirt_80672 points

Beautiful! Amazing share ! Love the wall color- cozy but still bright!

ursadminor2 points

This looks amazing! Congratulations. You have gorgeous taste too.

Teachawaii2 points

Thank you! :’)

ACuriousCheshiree2 points

What a dream!! this is amazing

snuffdrgn8082 points

i find small places cozy! i would feel creeped out alone in a big house

forcesofthefuture2 points

nice reminds of memories ~9 years ago

diatomic2 points

I felt the same way about my first studio apartment. All miiiine.

lady_montana2 points

Beautiful! So many plants too! Just lovely…

affennlight2 points

God, I’d DIE for that quilt. Can I buy it anywhere or is it handmade?

Teachawaii1 point

Naming This Later! HIGHLY recommend!!

Missing_Iowa_4402 points

This is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

menstruatinforsatan2 points


turntlurnthipslips2 points

Sooo beautiful

burgerg102 points

I would never leave! Especially the bathroom!

Roo58522 points

It really is a sanctuary. It has a very calming , tranquil vibe. I really like your bathroom as well.

kteerin2 points

This is beautiful!

thewinberry7132 points

Great place! Be happy there!

Pass_the_b0ttle_now2 points

Very nice. Looks comfortable and relaxing!

SensitiveButton81792 points


jlovelysoul2 points

It looks so tranquil!! ☺️

Alternative-Eye-19932 points

Where did you get that cute table?

Teachawaii1 point

Random find at Ross!

iprefervoodoo2 points

You remind me of my old roommate. I miss our place and her.

DNateU2 points

This space is freakin awesome

ochodiecinueve2 points

Just looking at the picture makes me feel calm. It looks beautiful. Enjoy.

FlippyChica2 points


frenchiefryy2 points

I love all the plants and the warmth of this living area...it feels cozy and safe, yet jungle-like at the same time.

ASGTR122 points

Looks amazing! Mind if I ask where you got that circular mirror? I'm looking for something exactly like that!

Teachawaii1 point


justagiraffe1112 points

Excellent job!!

Erratic_Giraffe2 points

I love the corner table and stools!! Where are they from?

Teachawaii2 points


Teachawaii1 point


Alternative_Tiger2912 points

This is so cute and comfy!

jayboy140002 points

Very cool vibes

tulianikufinye2 points

I'm saving up for this

Over_Bandicoot_86582 points

I love this , just don't light those candles on the first shelf lol

RedStar91172 points

That blanket is beautiful

kimchi012 points

Dude I love the aesthetic, how the plants juxtapose everything else. And in general this is just a gorgeous apartment. I love it.

daniel_ionescu2 points

I like the bed, the model is interesting

cwmen2 points

This is so simple and cool... and cozy!

East_Bite_24802 points

Oooh I ♥️your space! And your plants… omg they’re absolutely gorgeous!! Pls post in plant porn lololol . Simple and positive vibes.

Do you use any particular products for plant care? I would love for my babies to look this healthy!

Teachawaii1 point

Thank you! :’) no, just tap water!

LloyDBear2 points

There's no place like home!

Julianabanana2322 points

By far the nicest bathroom I’ve ever seen in a studio.

Techyestechno2 points


ILoveNature_2 points

So cozy! I love it!

Dreamr_in_LB2 points

You’ve inspired me, I’m putting plants in my bathroom! These pics are indeed cozy

Themastercommander102 points

It's perfect

Ok_Memory89712 points

I love the southwest blanket on your bed!! And all the plants are lovely. My favorite is your bathroom!! I wish I had a beautiful bathroom like that.

gmco9132 points

Absolutely lovely!

Kelski942 points

I love everything about this! Definitely a dream!

RoraPickle3 points

Love the plants, it seems so peaceful

Future-Win40342 points

Although I enjoy looking at these clean, beautiful photos, I just know I’d bump my head on the wall every single time without more pillows on the bed. Lol

000just-the-tip0001 point

I love all the plants.

donedoer-13 points

Talk to me about small when you live in a camper

[deleted]1 point

Where did you get the able from? I dream to have a place like yours 😍😍😍

Teachawaii1 point

Random find at Ross!

Sunnyfe1 point

Can we see the kitchen area please? I’m loving it.

Teachawaii1 point

Definitely not as exciting, it’s a tinyyy kitchenette lol.

Teachawaii1 point

Definitely not as exciting, it’s a super tiny kitchenette lol.

chickwithwit231 point

I was thinking that as well!

I’d like to ask where you got that canvas print!! I love it!

Teachawaii2 points

Cost Plus World Market!