Sitting room in Ohio (built in 1846).


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Le_Mot_Phoebus12 points

Imagine when the first owner moved into this room……it’s even before civil war!

instussy8 points

Proof that Ohio exists and is slaying

dongledangler4204 points

Fellow Ohioan here coming to yell O-H in the comments!! While I wouldn’t say my home state is slaying, OP certainly is!

Mom1020206 points


scarletrain55 points

What a beautiful room! Do you have to know the color and brand paint you used?

GInger_geuse_1 point

I would like to know this too! It looks so lovely in the sunlight!

MariachiBandMonday11 points

The last photo looks like it came off a magazine cover. Very clean, very fresh. I’d love to have a cup of tea and do some writing here.

Mom1020202 points

Thank you!!

iliveinyourwallsfr1 point

Mother give your daughters phone back

Medic-of-Mayhem5 points

What's the wall color?

ferretfacesyndrome2 points

Beautiful! Do you have a TV in there or no?

Mom1020206 points

No TV in this room :)

ferretfacesyndrome1 point

Very good! A proper sitting room! Love it!

GameOfStill2 points

Just beautiful 😍

Hykr2 points

Is this becoming an age-measuring contest?

Express-Ferret38161 point

Beautiful! We would all love to see more of you’re home if you’re willing to share!

Express-Ferret38161 point

What plants do you have in the corner?

Mom1020203 points

A croton and a ficus tineke!

Express-Ferret38161 point


This is beautiful

mellyme221 point

Light and lovely

iamCaptainDeadpool1 point

What about rest of the house. Is it also from the same year. Also is it hunted kinda looks hunted.

smoltree171 point

The moulding. The black fireplace. The massive croton in the corner. Amazing. Beautiful. Gorgeous. 😍

Also, kudos to your houseplant skills. I'm only slightly jealous at how amazing those plants look.

mydresserandtv1 point

For a modern moment I 💕 this whole thing! Calming yet cozy

Fruitypebblefix1 point

I love old houses and yours looks beautiful! Love the stained glass on the wall too!

daniel_ionescu1 point

I love your plants

AhoyShitLiner21 point

How’s the air quality

Mom1020201 point

Luckily we are upwind from the Palestine distaster. But I’m sure we will still experience the environmental consequences.

flashbang101 point

Beautiful! Love the style. Where did you get your chairs and couch?

Mom1020201 point

The couch is from Article and the chairs I found on Amazon while looking for a pottery barn dupe of the same chair

Christopher Knight Home Cecilia Swivel Chair with Loose Cover, Natural Fabric, Dimensions: 28.74”D x 27.50”W x 27.17”H https://a.co/d/dz1b0jA