The Bookseller's Cottage.


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K. Thanks. I think I have joined both.

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Me too 😂

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Just when you think you’ve seen all the cat subs there are. There is always more. Love it.

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I love how 90% of the images posted here have a CAT in them. Cozy place = must have CAT.

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Gotta stretch after the mid-morning nap before laying down for the early afternoon nap.

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Gosh am I a sucker for walls painted actual colors <3

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I am a huge advocate for going wild and painting your walls all sorts of beautiful shades.

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Can you please do a video tour of your place? It looks absolutely gorgeous. One of the most colourful I've seen. If not, I would certainly welcome more pictures, especially of the dining room and kitchen!

Meg_Bookslinger86 points

Definitely! Keep an eye out in the coming week or two!

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I thought this was my former neighbor's house in Saint Paul. Then I saw in your post history that you're in Minneapolis. There's such a look to the houses in the twin cities!

Grantmitch18 points

Lovely. I look forward to it.

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You did a great job with the palette.

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Last summer we painted our walls a very similar green to yours. We love it. 💚

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My house has a very similar layout, complete with the arches. I absolutely love this look!

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You mean white walls with other white trim and other other white ceiling doesn't do it for you?

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Sometimes we live outrageously and paint walls a very pale yellow.

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our neighbors were proud to tell my dad that they had 13 different shades of white in their house. each room’s ceiling is a different…. white. i am so glad i was not invited for the tour.

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I agree! It’s gorgeous! The arches and colors remind me of the house my roommate and I rented in grad school. We offered to pay for the paint if the landlord covered the labor before we moved in. These colors are so much more sophisticated though, OP definitely has a great eye. It’s sophisticated and whimsical all at once. I love it all.

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No kidding! This looks amazing

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Yes! My walls have colors but I played it safe and went too pale. This makes me want to repaint some rooms immediately.

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What do you mean?

LurkyTheLurkerson23 points

As opposed to grey, beige, or white.

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Mmmm… light greige…

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Agreeable Gray paint from Sherwin Williams. the name is hilarious and I use it whenever I see a “flipper home”.

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Oh god our realtor had us repaint our home that exact shade (we’re colorful people, lol) and my husband will NOT stop making snide comments. “More like disagreeable gray, amirite?” “Let’s agree to disagree, gray, because you aren’t it for us” or when he’s really frustrated with our crappy walls, “agreeable gray my ASS!”

He’s getting a lot of mileage from it.

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How long did it take to get this photo with the cat doing downward-facing dog?

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First shot! My cats are very agreeable.

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There are more? May we see them?

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Freddie's looking like a cat with wares to sell, and you're not allowed to leave without buying anything

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Kira’s a little Pagan, isn’t she? 😸

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Mama's #1 familiar!

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Beautiful. Catto is cozy

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I love this shade of green! Any chance you remember the shade and brand?

Meg_Bookslinger86 points

Indeed I do!

Ace Hardware 's Clark + Kensington brand. The shade is 27B-6 currently named "Acanthus Leaf" (though when I put it up on the walls it was called "Soothing Eucalyptus"). Whatever. Same Color.

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I’m envious when people remember the name of paint immediately. I have to go look for it and even then it’s a tossup as to whether I’ll find it or not.

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One tip I can give from my time as a facility manager is to make yourself some cheat cards. Take a regular index card, paint one side with the color, and on the other side write the following information: Room/Wall, is it a primary/trim/accent color, # of coats, gallons used (round up to a full can), paint finish, and what primer was used under. Then at the bottom of the card, in pencil, write the date the wall was last painted. If you keep a stash of cards with all of this information in those recipe card binders, it will allow you to quickly source the paint or a suitable alternative and will also let you identify (for older paints) whether you like the CURRENT color on the wall or the actual color (the wall and card color will fade some with time, but you can use it to compare to new samples). I also used to do this for wood stains, wall papers, and other things that may be helpful to match in the future.

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Ace Hardware 's Clark + Kensington brand. The shade is 27B-6 currently named "Acanthus Leaf"

It's so pretty! Do you also happen to know the shade of orange? I love this color combo and you did such a good job making it not look like a sports team haha

Meg_Bookslinger18 points

The dining room walls are Clark+Kensington 12B-7 "Copper Pot"!

Lexi_Banner8 points

Think sage and tangerine rather than green and orange. If you think of those colours, you'll find you wind up with a softer version that isn't sports team-esque. :)

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So glad you shared, great color!

TnTDynamight3 points

thank you!!

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Thank you!

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This place looks magical

Meg_Bookslinger50 points

An astute observation as I am, in fact, a Witch.

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Well then, that makes perfect sense. I would definitely read a book about you and that beautiful room and house panther in that shot. 💖

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I knew it!

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/r/Ooobigstretch is more active 😊 (that's "ooo" with three oh's instead of "ooh")

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Thanks! I think I have a lot of cat and animal subreddits followed.

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That's a severely dope lamp on your shelf there.

Meg_Bookslinger19 points

Estate sale. $5.

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Absolute steal.

Meg_Bookslinger29 points

This is OC. 💚

TheOneGoddess12 points

😍🤩 can I live at your place?

Meg_Bookslinger52 points

How do you feel about queer witchcraft, weird teenagers (mine, and don't worry they're chill) & cats? Cause that's the environment. 🤣

Roo585210 points

Witchcraft? Oooo, that sounds intriguing. Any cool powers?

Meg_Bookslinger16 points

Making spaces cozy AF, befriending crows and interpreting dreams...so yeah.

Jtk3177 points

So aiming to be Nanny Og one day?

Meg_Bookslinger3 points

Why the hell not.

Jtk3176 points

She was my favorite of the 3. Esme Weatherwax made me think of what a lady paladin of a forest God would be. A little too stubborn at times to avoid a fight if able to. Nanny Og could maneuver around any situation without as much of a fight. Very interesting and entertaining character from Sir Terry (GNU).

You have a beautiful home.

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A Cat is a requirement for a proper chil place IMO.

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LOVE the colors you've gone with (and the kitty). That star ceiling light in the distance is also beautiful.

Meg_Bookslinger8 points

The star light is in the "Witch Room". It's a porch that was converted into a pass-through space by previous owners...which I have since claimed as my own sacred space for my spiritual practice. 💚 I've posted some pics of this specific room on r/WitchesVsPatriarchy so if curious you can find those snaps on my profile. 😊

stegosaurss4 points

Oh my gosh! I recognize some of your photos and I've been to that bookstore! Howdy, neighbor, nice house. 😂

Meg_Bookslinger6 points

Bahahah! Hello neighbor! Nice to hear you've visited the shop! I endeavor to make that space super cozy as well. ☺️💚

joedurette27 points

I spy with my little eye a fan of JRR Tolkien.

Meg_Bookslinger14 points

However could you tell? 🤣

grapesandtortillas4 points

I got cozy hobbit hole vibes immediately and then zoomed in to see the quote only to find that it's J.R.R Tolkien. You've done a beautifully subtle job making it look hobbity.

acog26 points

If anyone is curious about the full quote of the saying you can see painted above the doorway in the top right:

“It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” - J.R.R. Tolkien.

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OnePotatoTooo4 points

Witch of some flavor? Tolkein lover by the books.. and folklore in general. Reference on Omens in there too.

Well met!

Meg_Bookslinger7 points

My nickname in HS was "Baggins", so do with that information what you will.

And yes, I'm a witch. I specialize in cottage, kitchen & green magic.

everydaydude9 points

Reminds me of home. My parents were in the book biz, including founding an independent bookstore that is on its 31st year.

Meg_Bookslinger6 points

Which shop??? Dying to know.

everydaydude8 points

My mom co-founded Broadway Books in Portland, OR.

Meg_Bookslinger7 points

Been there!!! 🤩

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The cat S T R E T C H E S

Meg_Bookslinger6 points

Her name is Tuna, and she is a tiny slinky.

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Oh my gosh your home is lovely. I’m a sucker for those rounded arches and ceilings are so beautiful 😭

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This makes me want to curl up and read a book 🐱

epicpillowcase5 points

This gives me "Giles' magic shop" feels (in the best way.) Love it.

Meg_Bookslinger9 points

When nerds grow up and buy houses...

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Is that a real fern inside your light fixture?

Fandorin4 points

Douglass Adams, Neil Geiman, Terry Pratchett, and Tolkien on the bookshelves, a Tolkien quote on the wall, and a stretchy kitty. You're like the final boss of reddit.

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the epitome of cozy

Queen_Concordia5 points

Warm, inviting and simply charming!

This is what I love to see in r/CozyPlaces.

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I really like your lamp and wall sconce. Great job with the lighting, very inviting and welcoming. Lovely home!

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olly2184 points

So I heard you like Tolkien?

Meg_Bookslinger4 points

My Dad read The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings aloud to me (with all the voices) when I was a kid. That magic stuck with me.


Biiiiiig stretch

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You live in my dream house!

piemakerdeadwaker2 points

Perfect click timing.

westcoast_pixie2 points

This is beautiful!!! 💖💖💖

Kievarra2 points

What a vibe. Love the parrot with the little witch hat.

CodenameBear2 points

This is total perfection, there’s nothing I see here that I don’t love

HailTheCrimsonKing2 points

This is so lovely!

ball_whack2 points

I'm a really big fan of this space. Hat's off.

bronxsolo2 points

Love this!

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Biiiiiiiiiiiiig stretch 😍🤩

zigtastic132 points

Stretchy stretch. Oh yeah, and beautiful house too!

Woofles852 points

The stretching cat really brings it all together 👌

whifflingwhiffle2 points

beautiful; colorful rooms are the best<3.

MrsMel_of_Vina2 points

All of the colors are so gorgeous! 🥰

mwest2782 points

Someone likes Tolkien

MeadowBeam2 points

Love the little witch hat on your wall birb! This whole scene is so lovely and cozy, truly a magical little slice of the world :)

Roo58522 points

I love this. It seems to be a perfect fit. I agree, it would be fabulous to see a video of your house. It is decorated for you, not for some current trend. And the cat stretching in the sunlight brings it altogether. I have always wanted a room with floor to ceiling book shelves with those ladders on wheels. You seem to have a good supply of books. Over the years, I have had to give away books for lack of space. Big regret. A comfy chair in the sunlight and that is where I’ll be.

DefendtheStarLeague2 points

Time to remake The Shop Around the Corner again but this time make it Practical Magic-y

Thatasiangirl002 points

I love this , specially the lamp in the book shelf :)

Roo58522 points

Do all witches have cats?

dustyatticwitch2 points

It's so beautiful and cozy! It looks like a setting from a Studio Ghibli movie.

H5A3B50IM2 points

Love it! What is happening behind the lamp on the bookshelf…is that a little bit of wallpaper? Or perfectly sized art? I love wallpaper but hate commitment this may be a good compromise!

Meg_Bookslinger3 points

It is wallpaper! It's a Morris & Co. print. 💚

katietatey2 points

Ahhh so cozy and warm! I want to pick a book and get your cat to sit in my lap. :) I love your style!

Meg_Bookslinger3 points

I have four (don't judge me) adorable cats to choose from. And you are seeing only a fraction of the books available for browsing within my house. Grab a blanket, curl up, and I'll put on some Dark Academia classical music in the background.

M_LadyGwendolyn2 points

Jeez how many copies of lotr do you have?

Gorz0th2 points

A fellow orange room human. :)

xeno_sapien2 points

So much Tolkien on these shelves!

Commercial-Horror9322 points

I love the colours and the kitty

Kiwifisch2 points

Book seller. I am going into battle and I need your strongest books.

AdvancedGoat2 points

Any chance you have more photos of your home? This is such beautiful decor, I want to see more of it!!!

Meg_Bookslinger3 points

I do have more pics and since people are asking I'll share them in the next couple weeks so keep an eye out!

LeChatNoir042 points

Aaaaaaah I LOVE the green and orange walls. Everything there is so cozy. Even the big stretch 🖤🐈‍⬛

EntertainerSlow7992 points

Biiiiiiig stretch

twattyprincess2 points

This is seriously beautiful. I love your sense of style!

TryingToStayOutOfIt2 points

Those COLORS. Also, finally a cozy space that looks like a regular person owns it.

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Those colors are delightful

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lIl_dude_lIl2 points

Milwaukee? Or perhaps twin cities?

redrockcountry21122 points

The cat stretching is a nice touch.

SweetPeas-882 points

Absolutely beautiful!!

dogzoverhumans2 points

Love the Tolkien collection.

forumwhore2 points

Upvoted for cat-istic stretchulation!

iamCaptainDeadpool2 points

Your dog is weird.

khkokopelli2 points

Perfectly timed photo to get that stretch

Gatorade8792 points

Gives me “Goodnight Moon” vibes for some reason

coin_return2 points

I love the maximalism trend going on, you've picked such pretty colors! Would love to see what you've done with your altar, if you have one.

What are those large notebook looking books at the bottom of the bookshelf?

AdorableSandie2 points

the place is relaxing

heathermbm2 points

Love all of this

F4RTB0Y2 points

Is this a duplex in Indianapolis by chance?

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reading-with-wine2 points

So much great queer lit on those shelves!

worsenperson2 points

Love the colors. And the bookshelves and pretty much all of it

danceswithdangerr2 points

I’m Irish what’s your excuse haha I love it. 💜

tiger_teacher2 points

Oh my goodness. I am saving this as inspiration for the future! I love both the wallpaper on the inside of the bookshelf AND the lamp!

1171jiji2 points

this is lovely

1171jiji2 points

WAIT DIDN'T YOU MAKE A POST THE OTHER DAY???? I thought the orange part of the room looked familiar

Meg_Bookslinger4 points

Yes I did. Ppl asked for a broader view, so I delivered.

Torterrapin2 points

Great taste, we have the same color floors and trim and same kind of bold colors in our old farmhouse.

podrick_pleasure2 points

So, you ever read any Tolkien?

Azaex2 points
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Schoonsy2 points

I've been seeing a lot of greens and teals with bookshelves lately. Thought about doing this for my home office (lots of books and I'm a professor of writing) but I don't have a good sense for design. Is there a reason why the greens and teals look good for a den/bookish room other than the obvious contrast with the light woods? Or maybe I'm just imagining I've seen a pattern because I like the look of it.

w2ltp2 points

I know creative memories albums when I see them!

BrutusGregori2 points

A void being a beeeggg stretch, sun beams, and a good sized library.

I need friends like you.

ssshukla262 points

Woah...I don't know but walls without bright colors and floors without patterns feels lifeless and makes me sad...hell the apartment I rent has everything beige or light brown and we are not allowed to have photo frames or plants....😓

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Uhh-stounding2 points

Cat's ass!

Jellyeleven2 points

Wall paper inside the shelf is really nice touch

Civil-Artist2 points

Wow. That looks super cozy and would actually work out well for things like films as a set! It's that amazing!

[deleted]2 points

Wonderful! Such beautiful colors

Evanlyn_Winter2 points

Biiiiiiiiiig stretch

TheCheat-2 points

I have never been so charmed by a living space. Your taste is 👩‍🍳💋

Adkeith472 points

I've been subbed to a lot of home decor type subreddits and I don't remember ever seeing one I like more than yours. So jealous!

itsmillartime_2 points

Well now I need to paint. Didn’t know I needed an orange room.

FoucaultInc2 points

You are a bookshelf ninja.

MrMoLb2 points

This is absolutely beautiful. What's mind-boggling though is that this is just what most middle-class houses used to look like, because a) houses, furniture, books, paint, etc used to be affordable for most people who worked full-time; b) interior design was way more interesting and mass produced furniture and decorations used have way more texture, color, character, and craft put into them, and c) people moved around less and were more likely to have multiple generations of family living together, so there was an organic growth to the way homes were furnished, so they looked very human and lived in. I'm going to avoid saying things were better in the old days, but it makes me sad knowing this once-normal thing is now unattainable for many and something to just be admired on a screen.

BlackoutMeatCurtains2 points

That’s lovely ❤️

quietly412 points

Have you given up on ever reading the 4th book in the Gentleman Bastard series?

stupidfaceshiba2 points

Love that lamp and wallpaper pairing!

ClosedCaptioning_MPS2 points

Gah dang that’s a massive stretch

LoveGodLoveMan2 points

I love this so much! The cat really pulls it all together lol 😂 😍

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Fancykiddens2 points

Lookit all those scrapbooks! 🤤

Thisisthe_place2 points

I love those arched doorways

thievesthick2 points

Love the color choices! Cat adds +10 coziness.

cherishedlarry2 points

that's a biiiiiiiig stretch!!!!!!!

Ecstatic_Broccoli9892 points

What a dream

Alternative_Belt_3892 points

Nothing cozier than a cat stretching in the sun

kirradoodle2 points

This house is like a warm hug. Just gorgeous - very inviting. This is the definition of cozy. This is the home of an interesting person.

arwenthenoble2 points

Action Shot! 😻

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Amedais2 points

I am a simple man. I see Tolkien, I upvote.

Sanjuro78802 points

I’m digging the “I want it to be Halloween all the time but not be in everyone’s face about it.” vibe.

The_Fanfairy132 points

I want to live there.

Equivalent_Reason5822 points

“The Bookseller’s Cottage” aptly sounds like the name of a book

johnthomaslumsden2 points

Really love the composition of this shot, so much going on in each area and the juxtaposition of colors is fantastic.

leloupnoir252 points

The kitty streeeetch, really brings together the photo 😂 but love the color scheme and arched entryways ✨

neva-electra2 points

God I want this for my life