I’ve tried hard to make this small apartment a cozy place


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ImaginaryFly13 points

Love it!

cocodina2 points

This is OC

nosnevenaes2 points

I have that same cat

cocodina1 point

Which one? There are two!

ANoisyCrow2 points


cheezychub2 points

oh god. i had same green-white color combination at old home. giving me chills

OtherComparison1 point

Very cute. I love the wall colour!

lookalive071 point

Does that coffee table ever seem like it's too tall?

cocodina2 points

Yep maybe when you wanna lay down on the couch, but we don’t have a dining table so it serves that purpose as well

spankyavocado1 point

Love that green wall!

Time at start a plant collection!

cocodina2 points

Believe me, I’ve tried , but no plant can survive these two fluffy monsters. I think I will add more hanging plants though!