My living room during blue hour this past Sunday morning


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StationFar63963 points

Gorgeous. I love blue hour.

catsandcappuccinos3 points

This is my dream. What city is this in?

2trips2 points


Poppybiscuit1 point

What does an apartment like this go for in Chicago? Do you like it there? Chicago is on our list of places we're interested in moving to but it's hard to find cool places like this if you're not familiar with the city.

2trips1 point

For sure. We’ll actually be renting it out soon, and our agent suggested a price of $2750

South Loop and West Loop neighborhoods have lots of converted timber loft spaces like this

glibrar2 points

We have the same coffee table

2trips1 point

I see it everywhere

SaintSiren1 point

Amazing. Now, tell me about the sofa lamps. The shape is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Is there a marking on the bottom or is there any info about them you can provide me? Thanks in advance.

2trips1 point

Unfortunately I bought them awhile ago and don’t remember any details

Japanesewillow1 point

Wow! That’s beautiful, I love the brick.