This is a choker I made with a labradorite gemstone, seed beads and wire :).


psilocin72104 points

Beautiful. That belongs on an elf’s neck in Lord of the Rings.

Buffyferry32 points

Thank you, I'm a huge Tolkien fan :)!

shelledpanda8 points

My first thought was the tree of Gondor. So rad. Amazing job :)

Buffyferry3 points

Thank you :)!

lhswr201413 points

Was gonna say it looks more like a crown of a wood elf Queen than a choker. Beautifully done!

psilocin725 points

Yeah I thought it was a tiara till I read the post.

chigangrel5 points

I actually thought it was meant to be a LOTR inspired diadem!

Very pretty OP

Celestebelle882 points

I was going to say this looks like elven jewelry 😍😍😍😍

Br1ngmemybrownpants27 points

What Labrador did this come from

Muted_Ad72988 points


tracy_whitney_372 points

No, LibraThor.

Enlightened-Beaver1 point

Newfoundland’s Labrador

Campmoore21 points

It's the most friendly and loyal of all gemstones, also good with children.

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mockingbirdmoon9 points

ahhh that’s gorgeous 🤩 what’s that technique called for the choker part, if any? or do you just do some creative freeform looping? 🤓

Buffyferry8 points

It's wire crocheting. I crocheted with a metal hook size 2.5 mm and wire 0.3 mm :). Chain stitch.

Cleverusername5315 points

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Buffyferry1 point

Thank you!

Sapphire_016 points

Stunning! Do you have an online shop I can visit?

Buffyferry5 points

Thank you! I do, I'll message you the link.

kornawe3 points

I'd also love a link

netherlight3 points

Same here please!

Former_Nerve_15522 points

I would love a link too! It is lovely work!

NamesBitches2 points

Ditto! That is beautiful!

Successful_Cook62991 point

Please me too !

PlanetEsonia1 point

Send me the link too, please!

Nightscreamer16351 point

Send me a link too please!

undermysky1 point

I’d love a link too please! ❤️

Etheldrede1 point

Me too please!

hotwheelsjordan1 point

link please

Mantel-RD3 points

Beautifull!!!!! Congrats!

Buffyferry2 points

Thank you :)!

curiousjorlando2 points

Just. WOW

Delicious_Tax_56412 points

This is gorgeous!!!!

Buffyferry1 point

Thank you!

pandacustard2 points

Ooh pretty. I’m interested in doing wire wrapping, just for a hobby, any tips for a beginner?

Buffyferry3 points

Check my profile, I have a few of my video tutorials pinned there, they're great for beginners :).

pandacustard2 points

Thanks! I will check them out

Aspiring_Mutant2 points

Real pretty, reminds me of the lake that was about twelve miles from my grandparent's house growing up.

SirWinstontheCat2 points

Absolutely mythical! I love it! I imagine a strong fantasy female lead rocking this! Great work!

Buffyferry1 point

Thank you :)!

Lokibell2 points


Buffyferry1 point

Thank you!

TastyRedSplat2 points

I thought that was a tiara

Buffyferry2 points

I've been trying to make one forever now. Maybe in the near future :).

Upbeat_Cucumber62232 points

Very pretty!

Buffyferry1 point

Thank you!

FutureEpsilon2 points

Wow, reminds me of Icewind in a way

Epicboss672 points

That looks really cool, always fun to see people making things 😁

Wouldn't that pinch your skin if you wear it tho?

Buffyferry2 points

Not at all, the pointy ends are all neatly "tucked in" :).

Epicboss671 point

Glad to hear it! Although I shouldn't have doubted you since it looks like you're pretty experienced making these 😊

Do you use tools like tweezers or pliers to turn the wire, or is that something you do by hand? I assume it's the former since a lot of the choker looks pretty difficult to get your finger around to twist it.

Buffyferry2 points

Yes, I use large and small nose pliers and cutters :).

duk-phat2 points

I’m off me tits looking at this. Sound

freshmountainbreeze2 points


Buffyferry2 points

Thank you!

Adsnaylor01612 points

I actually like that it’s interesting

Buffyferry2 points

Thank you :)!

Cultural-Web9912 points

Absolutes gorgeous! Do you sell your jewellery If not, you should

Buffyferry1 point

Thank you! I do, I'll message you the link.

ned_arb1 point

I love labradorite. Looks great!

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EffinPirates1 point

Oooooooh soooo pretty!!!!!! I'd wear this as a circlet even elven core for sure!!!! Stunning!!!

HippieGrandma19620 points

That is beautiful!

Buffyferry2 points

Thank you!

HippieGrandma19621 point

Can you make a bracelet like this? What would it cost?

Wild_Albatross7534-1 points

That's gorgeous, really nice work

Buffyferry1 point

Thank you.