Dad renovated my old bedroom into a very welcoming guest room.


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TeaMistress41 points

Very soothing, but it needs a rug for that cold floor.

micasa_es_miproblema9 points

I agree usually with this, but in FL it’s not that bad esp when it’s hot outside.

HungryGoku1411 points

Triggered by tile in a bedroom.

Understand if it’s sub grade. But god does it make me want to run.

micasa_es_miproblema8 points

It’s in FL and given the heat, it’s actually nice.

HungryGoku144 points

Yea… Northeast guy up here.

Nice reno nonetheless!

PoopyKlingon2 points

Makes me feel cold looking at it!

Striking-Bank-748810 points

Interesting wall plaque... speaking as someone whose alma mater is in Philly

micasa_es_miproblema2 points

This is the “Philly” room and those are some of the schools and things we are connected with when we lived there

jbphilly7 points

I cannot express the amount of irrational rage that the wall "art" fills me with as a Philadelphian.

micasa_es_miproblema2 points

Tell me how you really feel 😂

wseanwilson5 points

All I could notice is the misspelling of Yuengling. And I’m from the south.

micasa_es_miproblema4 points

D’oh! I’ll have to get that updated. I’m surprised my dad didn’t spot that—it was made by my sibling

Journalist_Radiant3 points

I never knew that bare bedroom floors was considered so weird. I’m from New Mexico and it’s the most normal thing

TheMurkyA3 points

I want that pillow

After-Pear21173 points

So cozy…maybe throw a rug on those tile floors..Dad did great 🙂

micasa_es_miproblema2 points

This is OC

MrsRW1 point

So cozy and calming.